Taking the Journey

Taking the Journey

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Why is perseverance so difficult? Because human beings have not yet developed enough mental strength. Unless they are confronted by adverse conditions, most people seek what is easy and comfortable by and large. Only certain individuals rise above this and push beyond the boundaries of human behavior.

No one is forcing you to do this preparation and to take this journey. You are not doing it for survival. Something greater is moving you. This is important and you must stay with it.

Perseverance is not trusted because people have given themselves to things of little or no value. They have committed themselves to relationships that could never work — relationships with people, relationships with activities, relationships with places and relationships with causes. And so, to protect themselves from being fooled once again or from making an unwanted declaration, they make their involvement very conditional. They say, “Well, I will stay with this as long as it feels right to me,” or “I will stay with this as long as I have the time,” or “I will stay with this until I find a relationship.” This is not perseverance. You must make the journey.

Do not think that if the journey is meant for you, it will be easy and you will not have times of great conflict. Do not think that if this is meant for you, you will be able to pass through the thresholds without great effort and determination. Do not think that if this is meant for you, you will not have times of great misgiving and doubt. How will you know if this is right for you? Because you will know, and as Knowledge becomes stronger in you, you will be able to proceed where others have departed.

From: Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume 2, Chapter 33

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  1. Michael D. Howard Posted on April 22, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Does Adversity make you Bitter or Better?

    Perseverance is the road less traveled by so many in our modern society. We live in the generation of consumerism and must have it right now with out delay i.e. instant gratification But if things, severe adversity, are to happen in the way the Allies say is looming on our horizon then Western society will be tested.

    How many in our Western Oriented Society will preserve through the birth pangs of adversity, to see freedom rather than slavery? Our current cultural is being conditioned away from knowing or being willing to Persevere. When problems arise they, people, tend to want to be entertained. That is why some say the purpose of Entertainment is to Keep you wanting and Distracted.

    I like the fact that some movies can be metaphors for the things that effect us in life’s journey. I used to take Christians, and also show it to people with problems, the movie “Places in the Heart”. It underlying theme was Does Adversity Make you Bitter or Better. If it makes you Bitter then you can not enter into the Fellowship of the family of God. For you lack the ability to; have spiritual insight; forgiveness and to put aside hatred and strife; envy and jealously.

    It is that Adversity that will give rise the experience Perseverance and it’s full learning effect upon us. If with patience that we meet it’s challenge. Then we will be able to truly become full fledged members of the Greater Community birthed in the freedom from fear and want.

    P.S. It was Yoda who said the path to the dark side begins with fear. To this I add, Fear turns into Want which then breeds desires to have what you should not have. Choosing instead to rely on: lies; deception; anger and jealously; the envy that leads to strife in-order to covet your neighbors goods. This rather than trusting in the power of God to provide you your every need based on Spiritual law and it’s inherent blessings.

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