Take the Journey

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You are standing at the cusp of a new world experience.

You must prepare for a world that will be much more dangerous and difficult to navigate.

Great tribulation is coming to the world, not because God wills it but because humanity has set it in motion.

Indeed, you have been sent into the world for this purpose—to participate in the world under these very circumstances that you may seek to avoid or to deny.

The concern of Heaven is not merely that you will be fulfilled in the moment or what you may have for today, but that you may be prepared for the future in such a way that your greater gifts may come forth and that the true purpose that has brought you here may be recognized, followed and correctly fulfilled.

You must take this journey.

You must get serious about your life.

While your mind struggles to understand, the deeper part of you already knows. And it knows enough for you to take the next step that has been waiting for you.

The Calling is for you.

And with this, the Power of Heaven can move through you, mysteriously. It is a perfect Plan. And it has come at just the right time.

  • The above is from the Revelation “Being Centered in a Crashing World” which is the focus of study and contemplation in this month’s Free School.  The Free School is a global community of people studying the New Message from God and sharing it with others. Enroll and participate in the Free School today!
Author: tyyne