Greater Community awareness

This World Is All You Have

It is the Greater Community that will show you that you cannot afford your ceaseless conflicts here on Earth, that your resources here are precious and your self-sufficiency is of the greatest importance. With this awareness, you would not continue to squander the world at the terrible pace that you are doing so now. You… Read More

Protecting Yourself from the Intervention

As humanity faces its greatest difficulties living in a declining world, certain other races from the universe around you will come to try to take advantage of the situation for themselves. Posing as enlightened beings who have your best interests at heart, they will seek to gain greater influence here in a world of great value and strategic importance.

Being a Person of the New Message

Humanity has not yet discovered its greater powers, its greater strength, its greater integrity and its greater ethical foundation. It is still groveling, like a primitive race, driven by greed and avarice, hatred and condemnation. It is still primitive in what it prescribes and what it adheres to. But this does not deny the fact that humanity has greater strengths and greater powers that have yet to be discovered and developed.