Supporting the emergence of Knowledge and Wisdom in the Universe

Supporting the emergence of Knowledge and Wisdom in the Universe

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We represent several races joined together in our small alliance to support the emergence of Knowledge and Wisdom in the universe, particularly with races that are on the threshold of emerging into the Greater Community. These emerging races are particularly vulnerable to foreign influence and manipulation. They are particularly vulnerable to misunderstanding their situation and understandably so, for how could they comprehend the meaning and the complexity of life within the Greater Community? That is why we wish to play our small part in preparing and in educating humanity.

We have been sent here through the spiritual power and presence of the Unseen Ones. Perhaps you will think of them in a friendly way as angels, but in the Greater Community their role is greater and their involvement and their alliances are deep and penetrating. Their spiritual power is here to bless sentient beings in all worlds and in all places and to promote the development of the deeper Knowledge and Wisdom that will make possible the peaceful emergence of relations, both between worlds and within worlds. We are here on their behalf. They have asked us to come. And they have given us much of the information that we have, information that we could not collect ourselves. From them we have learned a great deal about your nature. We have learned a great deal about your abilities, your strengths, your weaknesses and your great vulnerability. We can comprehend these things because the worlds that we have come from have passed through this great threshold of emergence into the Greater Community. We have learned a great deal, and we have suffered much from our own mistakes, mistakes that we hope humanity will avoid.

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4 Responses to "Supporting the emergence of Knowledge and Wisdom in the Universe"

  1. Mike H. Posted on June 13, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    From the Allies material: “The world needs a new understanding and a new awareness. Out of this, forms of spiritual practice and communities will arise, and in this sense, yes, it is like a new religion,”

    I always find the information, as reportedly channeled from the Allies of Humanity through Vian Summers interesting and insightful. I impugn the same to other groups as including both Fundamentalist and New Age Christian groups I try to grasp what they report what spirits have shown them.

    I try to undertake my Spiritual journey in Truth & Light. The Spiritual journey for me is about personal relation i.e. communion. That is learning by experience what is not or is God’s direction, teaching & opportunities for life’s lessons to be imparted. True we need a basis of understanding. For that people rely impart or entirely on their groups defined Scripture. Each saying this is thee message.

    My understanding and teaching is The God (euphemistic term to me) of the Old Testament or Torah always kept in communications with its prophets and those it called to do certain works. There is a whole string/slew of them. The emanation we call God went to great lengths to make sure the message was communicated to a whole hosts of people. Not just one. If they did not listen or see as in the case of Balaam, God gave/ put speech in a animals mouth (Balaam’s Ass) so that the animal could speak to Balaam to reveal God’s presence.

    So this is the problem I have with the Allies material. It sounds good but violates a basic Spiritual principal that I discern from the One Great Spark or Cause of All Things whose name I don’t know. The message is never limited to one person and the experience is conveyed to many on a one on one personal level before it is a group thing.
    A lot of things feel and sound good but they are all not of God.

    Allies materials while more often than not are insightful/instructive I will test them against the yard stick of Scripture as it (Scripture) defines righteousness. That does not mean I buy into everything there because I know in my heart much of it is ET inspired and is designed for their purposes. So the Allies material is right on that score.

    As an aside I have been shown that God is not interested in blood sacrifices of Bulls or Rams or People. And the sins of one are not prescribed on others. For that you should read Ezekiel 18 “… the soul who sins is the one who shall die”. But still with discernment and forbearance the Scripture is suitable for doctrine and reproof so that humanity is fully equipped to bring forth and display the intent/works of God.
    Peace & Blessings Always,
    Mike H.

    • Ellen_Society Posted on June 15, 2012 at 10:45 am

      Thank you for your comments, Mike.

      Are you confusing the Angelic Presence, which is delivering the New Message to Marshall, with the Allies of Humanity?

      The Angelic Presence called upon our Allies, who are physical beings from the rare free races in the universe, and asked them to come to an unnamed part of our solar system to advise us as to the E.T. Intervention as it is affecting our world.
      The Allies are providing us that important perspective through their briefings,
      but they are not the Angelic Presence.

      The New Message from God is being received by Marshall directly from the Angelic Presence.
      Such Revelations come only once in a millennium, and are always given to one Messenger: one Moses, one Jesus, one Buddha, one Muhammad. All Revelations are given from the same God. Marshall is the most recent in this long progressive Revelation to humanity.

      This time the Message is for the entire human family, for people from every faith tradition or no faith tradition, for our situation is very precarious now, and the Creator does not want humanity to lose its freedom.

  2. Leanora Posted on June 14, 2012 at 6:19 am

    When will this race or races from other star systems try to manipulate the people on earth???? Supposedly the Galactic Federation which they call (earth allies) are here to guide humanity through the shift that earth is going through and guiding people to the (4th and 5th dimension) Is this true????

    • Ellen_Society Posted on June 15, 2012 at 11:07 am

      The Allies of Humanity are quite distinct from what is being called “The Galactic Federation.”

      The Allies are not coming to this planet, and they warn us strongly that we will not be rescued by other races. There are no “helpful Federations”, only trade organizations which keep trade routes open. ALL who are visiting this Earth are here for their own interests, seeking resources. Those races who are here are already manipulating us, for they will tell us they are here for our good in order to win us over, but the real truth of their presence here is their need for our resources and their desire to control our Earth for their benefit.

      We must not wait for rescue, nor for a “dimensional shift.”

      We must do the work to save our own planet. We must unify as a race in order to maintain our freedom and sovereignty over our world, even as we emerge into a Greater Community of intelligent life.