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To ensure your quote submission enters the School inspiration feeds correctly, please follow this submission guide.

Please note, quotes can only be submitted for the current session of the School.

1) Simply email your quote to, using the following format

Subject: Source book, chapter and/or page number

Body: The quote you would like to submit. Please restrict quote length to 4 lines of text – 1 paragraph. Please do not include any other text (such as “hello”, “take care”). What you send is what is published!


Subject: Chapter 14, Life in the Universe, page 225

Body: “Humanity has all the great qualities that give it a chance to evolve into a free and self-determined race functioning in the Greater Community. But the requirements are tremendous and education is of the greatest importance.”

2) Your quote should appear on the current session page within 45 minutes. It will also appear on the inspiration archives for all sessions.

3) You’re done. Submit another quote, share an experience on The Wall or share an idea for outreach.

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