Strength Arises in Facing Reality

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Though humanity has a great destiny, its future is now in great danger. Do not take it for granted that humanity will succeed. Do not think that your success is somehow guaranteed. Do not assume that no matter what happens, humanity will emerge and be able to continue. Do not think that your ascendancy in this world guarantees your future self-determination. To assume these things is to maintain your weakness and avoid your strength. For strength always arises in facing reality, not in running away from it. And reality will either serve you or undermine you, depending upon the position you take with it. This is the time for humanity to unite and to become strong. The incentive for this is immense. The possibility for failure is great. This is your chance to rise or to fall, to become great, united and free in the Universe or to diminish yourselves here on Earth and fall under subjugation to foreign powers. This represents the great threshold for humanity, the great opportunity for humanity and the great challenge for humanity. Passage from The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 9

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