Step 26: My errors give birth to my Knowledge

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It is pointless to justify error, but error can bring you to
 value truth, and in this it can lead to true Knowledge. This is its 
only possible value.

We do not condone error, but if error occurs, We
 wish to make it serve your truest need so that you may learn from it
 and repeat it no more. It is not merely for you to forget your errors,
 for you cannot do that. It is not merely for you to justify your errors,
 for this will make you dishonest. It is not merely for you to look upon 
your errors as pure service to you, for they have indeed been painful.

What this truly means is that you recognize that error is error and
 then you attempt to use it on your own behalf. The pain of error and 
the tribulation of error must be accepted, for this will teach you what
 is real and what is not, what to value and what not to value. Using 
your error for development means you have accepted the error, and
 now you are attempting to utilize it to derive value from it because 
until value is derived from error, it is error only and will be a source of
 pain and discomfort for you.

specific errors that you have made that have been very painful. Do not 
try to dismiss the pain of them, but see how in your current 
circumstances in life you can use them for your own benefit. Using
 errors in this way can show you what you need to do and what 
corrections or adjustments need to be made to enhance the quality of 
your life. Remember that any resolution to error always engenders 
true recognition and true discernment in relationship.

 mind as you sit quietly alone, and then see how each one can be
 utilized to your current benefit.

What needs to be learned from them?

What must be done that was not done before?

What must not be done that was done before?

How can these errors be recognized in advance?

What were the signs that preceded them and how can such signs be
 recognized in advance of error in the future?

USE THESE PRACTICE PERIODS for this introspective process and 
when you are done, do not speak of the results to any other person,
 but allow the investigation to continue naturally, as it naturally will.

From Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing

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