Humanity is Standing at the Edge of Darkness

Humanity is Standing at the Edge of Darkness

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greater darkness in the world

Without the New Message from God, humanity would fall into grave conflicts and precipitous decline, making you vulnerable to foreign powers [Extraterrestrial Aliens] who are already in this world to gain influence and authority here. People do not realize they are standing at the precipice, not only of great change, but also of subjugation.

This is the Greater Darkness in the world, a Greater Darkness that most people are too afraid to even think about. But it is something that humanity must prepare for, and that is why God has given a New Revelation.

A new Prophet has come into the world. Judge him as you may. Exalt him or deny him. Call him great or call him other things. People’s estimation has nothing to do with the reality. For what people want and what God knows are not the same. What people think and where the world is going are not the same.

To see this, you must look with clear eyes. You must listen. You must listen with a deeper listening. You must allow the power of Knowledge, the deeper intelligence within you, to respond.

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  1. jai prakash goel Posted on October 29, 2012 at 9:54 am

    there is nature or god in our mind. the working style of nature is based on logic and justification. there is 21 gramms mind in our brain. the first part of mind brings brain and heart in function. the second part travels in the universe. we can contact aliens by activating second part of mind. aliens are happier than us. the first part of mind can heal our physical and mental diseases. the first part part of mind can get energy from the second part of mind. we should learn to activate the second part of mind. sometimes, we get our own elecric current. its not harmful for health. this is called electric force of nature on which our mind is working. the other three forces are nuclear force, magnetic force and gravity force. the expansion of universe is going-on on the basis of four nature forces.

  2. Kari Rastas Posted on September 7, 2015 at 9:33 am

    One question I would like to ask though is who received this message? I ask this simply because as far as I can ascertain, if you hear voices in your head they call this schizophrenia. Oh that’s unless you are a priest or religious man then they call it a revelation or a miracle..

    • markb Posted on September 9, 2015 at 6:29 pm

      Kari – Marshall Vian Summers received this new message from God. It is a new revelation for our time and the times to come. It is indeed a miracle.

  3. Troy Posted on July 22, 2016 at 3:31 pm

    Hi , when learning steps to knowledge for the first time 2 years ago I have had witnessed many different forms of ufo’s on a daily basis day and night when studying the book.When I was younger I had some experiences with them which did not scare me and which I forgot about when growing up. At first I was a bit freaked out but as I continued the steps became more interested by their presence. Your book has helped me through the hardest period of my life and I’m on my second learning curve now. They seem to appear in the sky when I practice stillness thru steps of knowledge does any of your students experience these visul encounters . Thanks for your help and hope your all doing well !

  4. Frederick Matthews Posted on May 28, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    Thank you, jai prakash goel. There is so much more to understand, in regarding what we are and what we can aspire to. Knowing our Origin and then the Separation from our Origin, much is learned. The physical reality is only part of the picture and means we had an existence before the Creation of the Physical Reality, and this existence was before the Separation from the Creator, our Origin. Before there was a Physical Reality, the Universe and the many dimensions there was only the Creator and our Ancient Home. This means then, that there was no other form of existence, no other form of life and everything that was, was through God and with God the Origin of all things. We were then the Spirits existing within God, our Ancient Home and everything that was needed was supplied through the Will of the Creator, and the Spirits lived in inclusion and in one great relationship. And again, this was before the Creation of the Physical Reality. In this Environment the Creator knew everything and every Spirit and the Creator understood there was a need for some of the Spirits to experience doing for themselves what was done by God, the Creator. God understood this need also, and although God wished for them to be within Gods Ancient Home, God recognised their need also. It was the unequalled love of God that brought about the need for a New Existence and its Creation, and it was here, that God set about Creating what we see and know as the Physical Reality. This was not a seven day wonder as reported in some accounts. It was a work of love spanning eons of our time to bring about. This great work was set in motion through the environments that had been Created within the Physical Reality the evolutions and their evolvement were all part of the Physical Realities balanced mechanisms for their own stabilities and continuation, and thereby they became their own cause of perpetuation. The life forms that were created in the Physical Reality were also Created to evolve and this again was no quick overnight arrangement. This was the way the Creator designed the Spirits way back to God, through experiencing existence within the vehicle of the Physical Being.
    When the Physical Beings were ready to become the vehicle for the Spirit, where they had evolved to a point of becoming intelligent Beings, then this was the time the Spirits started to leave the Creator and their Ancient Home for Separation from God the Creator. But God still could not be completely Separated from the Spirits and in order to ensure the Spirits returned, God placed within each of the Spirits before leaving, the Seed of the Great Spirit of Knowledge which was a part of God that remained with the Spirit, and for finding its way back to God. Within each Spirit there was the Seed to return that had a purpose designed and aligned with the Physical Being that became their Vehicle during the life time of that Being. To bring the Spirit into the Being, required the Spirit became part of a Spiritual Family to start the Spirits journey back to the Creator and out of the Separation from the Creator. The mind of the Physical Being has an intrinsic need to know, learn, and find its relationship with the Greater Mind within the Spirit, when this relationship is developed, then the Greater Mind becomes one with the Spirit and moves the mind and body of the Physical Being to come into a responsible Relationship, by the body serving the mind and the mind serving the greater Spirit within the Physical Being. Here there becomes meaning Purpose and Direction and the Power of Knowledge begins to develop through the Physical Being. Here, there is no Greater Power anywhere in the Universe. When Physical Beings join together with the Knowledge within them, then all things are possible and nothing will deter or defeat them, for the Power of the Creator moves through them. But it must be remembered, this Power is not the power of the Physical Being, but a Power that works through them the Being.

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