Spiritual Beings Living in Physical Reality

Spiritual Beings Living in Physical Reality

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You are a spiritual being living in a physical reality. This accounts for your dual nature and the fundamental conflict and confusion that permeate your mind and activities. It is the result of separation fundamentally, for you cannot yet be who you really are in this world and life without undergoing a great preparation, which the Lord of all the universes has provided for you in a new and revolutionary form, free of human intervention, manipulation and corruption.

Likewise, you cannot simply be a creature on the earth, for this denies your deeper reality and your greater intelligence. Though many people have made this assumption, they cannot deny the fact that there is a greater power in their life and a greater dimension to their own personal reality.

To become really true to yourself and right with yourself, you must gain access to your deeper nature, which is still connected to Creation, still connected to that Greater Reality from which you have come and to which you will return.

The passage above is from “The Separation” available to students of the Free School. Click here to join.

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