Are you Ready for Great Change?

Are you Ready for Great Change?

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Times will become more difficult. People will become more impoverished. Everything will become more expensive and in some cases unavailable. How will you function in this environment? You will have to turn to simple pleasures—the pleasure of the moment, the beauty of nature, connecting with other people in a significant way, enjoying very simple things. Relationships will have to be simple and honest now. Though many people will use deception to gain advantage over others, relationships will have to become very simple, direct and honest.

In a way, your life will have to become more authentic, more healthy and more in balance instead of this frantic pursuit to fulfill your fantasies and your needs, your expectations and the expectations of others—this frantic, desperate, unhappy life where you have no sense of yourself or where you are going or what you are really about.

So even in the face of the Great Waves of change, even in the face of the dangers of intervention and competition from beyond the world, you have an opportunity to bring your life into order, to establish a genuine set of priorities and to stop wasting your time, your energy and your life force on things that have no meaning, value or purpose.

From The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 2

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