Self-betrayal versus self-determination

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In the context of preparing for the Great Waves of change, the benefits that you will hold onto are so insignificant compared to the requirements placed upon you that to cling to these benefits represents a kind of self-betrayal.

It is as if you have given over your life to some kind of dark force for some small pleasure or advantage.

Here there is no escape from self-conflict. Here you cannot really relieve yourself of the problem, for once you have seen and known the truth, you cannot shake this off with all kinds of excuses and justifications.

To move, you govern the mind instead of being governed by it. You direct your emotions instead of being directed by them. You overcome your inertia, overcome your resistance, while you gain self-determination.

Here you see, you know and you take action.

The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 14, Seeing, Knowing and Taking Action.

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  1. Michael D. Howard Posted on December 12, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    The Eyes of March Are Upon Us Now

    What the Allies in this and other writings seem to miss is that what you write of has been under way by those on Earth who have made their alliances years ago on behalf of their ET (Greater Community Sponsors) patriarchs.

    The UN’s agenda 21 and past writings of Tri Laterals and New World Order types who have been piloting and planning this in the early 1700’s in their Masonic Orders.

    So a question arises why do the Allies write as though something is coming down the Pike when in fact it is here? I suggest you read the material and posting by Ian Wishart from New Zeland. He has a much better description of the process and is more in tune of the process than the Allies.

    Your material which I have read over the years is incite full but some how misses the Mark. It is phrased future-tense rather than historic and present- tense. Makes me wonder if you are a back door prop for the enemy. Like a unknowing 5th column to mask form the left hand what the right hand is really doing.

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