See what is transpiring

See what is transpiring

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Humanity will have to move to a different kind of equilibrium with life in the future, a different kind of stability in the world. The great question facing you is what will happen between now and then? If people are blind and do not see the Great Waves of change coming over the horizon; if people are unwilling to reconsider their lives, their obligations and their circumstances; if people are unwilling to overlook their cultural and national prejudices and grievances, then humanity is heading towards a great calamity, or series of calamities, to be more precise.

The man or woman of Knowledge sees this, of course. They are not in denial. They are not simply trying to project a preferred outcome. They are seeing what is transpiring, and they are altering their conclusions regularly as the situation changes, as the Great Waves approach. You may be certain that the Great Waves are coming, but you do not know how they will impact the world or when they will strike. And the great uncertainty is how humanity will respond.

So the man or woman of Knowledge is watching—watching without coming to fixed conclusions, watching without condemning the world, watching without losing hope, watching without becoming jaded or cynical, watching without blaming leaders or individuals or nations, watching the changing landscapes of the world, looking for the signs that the world is giving to indicate how, where and when the Great Waves will strike.

Passage from The Race to Save Human Civilization. A core teaching of the Free School. Join now to engage in an essential preparation for the future.

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