See and know the truth in the moment

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Many people want to escape the past because of their failures and their disappointments. These things can haunt them and often do. But escaping the past has a far greater importance here. Its importance is related to your ability to see and know the truth in the moment and to respond to the changing circumstances of your life.

If you do not see these things and respond appropriately, change will have a devastating impact upon you. It will overtake you. You did not see it coming. You did not recognize the consequences. You did not see the importance of making a decision way back when you did have the opportunity to make the decision. So much regarding success and failure in life depends on the ability to see, to know and to respond appropriately, even facing decisions you are unaccustomed to, even facing circumstances you are not adapted to and are not used to.

God has put within you a greater intelligence to help you make these decisions, to help you to see and recognize a set of circumstances that you must respond to. God has given you the eyes to see and the ears to hear. But because the mind is so fixated in the past and on the assumptions from the past, this seeing and this hearing are greatly impeded and in many cases overwhelmed.

Passage from The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 3.

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  1. Kenneth Heck Posted on March 13, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    No matter what has happened in the past, preparing for the future is always more important since that is where we will live the rest of our lives. The future is only discernable in part because so much of it needs to be filled in day by day as we create it through our actions and expectations. Then there is the portion of the future prophesied in sacred scripture. These events will come to pass not be cause they logically must, but because the gods are irrevocably committed to making them come to pass through their overwhelming influence on life on earth. No matter what the aliens want for themselves they will be unable to contradict the prophecies of sacred scripture.

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