See Clearly Those Who Have Come

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The Briefings from your Allies have been sent and have been sent again. We must repeat our message continuously for it to be clearly understood, for we are competing with other messages that are being sent to the world, messages from the Intervention and messages from those nations that support the Intervention. We are communicating very different messages from one another, from very different sources, with a very different message, leading to a very different outcome.

If you believe or pray that another nation will come to save you, you will be saved by another nation that has helped lead you into your current and future state of decline. You will be playing into the plans that have been sown and laid for you. What nation would come to defend your world and to guide your leaders if they did not have the intention of establishing themselves there? No nation, no free nation, would risk its anonymity to do this or to put itself in direct opposition to nations that are not free, to risk war and the destruction of all that they have established to build their immunity, their discretion and their freedom from the Greater Community at large.

It is a fool’s trap. You do not yet see that those who would come to save you are but the competitors of those who seem to threaten you, or even in some cases, are working in concert with them. One will weaken you. The other will seem to rescue you. And all of this behavior will be done in compliance with what is allowed as long as humanity does not show significant resistance to the presence of foreign races. Like many general rules, there are many ways to get around it, many ways to use it and many ways to exploit it.

Passage from The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, Fifth Briefing.

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