Recognize the Situation: Take Action

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The warning is now being sounded around the world from many sources, but the severity of the situation is not being recognized by many.

The nature of this great series of changes is being greatly underestimated. People are regarding it as just one of many problems that humanity must face, and they have great confidence that political and technological innovation will take care of the situation or that economic forces will create the necessary adjustments. These assumptions give warning that humanity is underestimating the power of the Great Waves of change.

This, therefore, is not something for you to just think about, to contemplate or to simply discuss with your friends, to be a source of imagination or to be simply a source of anxiety and concern. It must propel you into real action.

The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 13. The ebook is now free! Sharing this freely with others is part of taking real action.

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