Receiving “What Really Matters”

Receiving “What Really Matters”

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An Afterglow Account from Patricia Summers:

The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers receives

What Really Matters

on June 26, 2017, in Boulder, CO


July 13, 2017

Dear All,

Thank you for following the process of Divine Revelation that is unfolding through Marshall Vian Summers, the man responsible for receiving and presenting a New Message from God to the world.

On Monday June 26th, Marshall received a new revelation of the New Message entitled “What Really Matters” and I am emailing you today to provide an account of the “Afterglow of this revelation” — the period of time that surrounds the process of Revelation itself.

The purpose of this Afterglow account is to document these historic and sacred events and also make it possible for you to experience the process of Revelation up close, giving you a sense of what it was like to be in the room as this happened.

Marshall Vian Summers has been engaged in the process of receiving the largest body of Revelation ever recorded and rendered. This process began in 1983 and continues to this very day.


And so it was on Monday morning, June 26th, 2017, The Society for the New Message and student volunteers had gathered for a weekly organizational meeting to discuss the work underway for the New Message. Volunteer staff at a distance were also present and participating via Skype from Brazil, France, the UK and Dallas, Texas here in the United States.

These weekly organizational meetings are inspiring, as each department of The Society provides a status update on the major projects underway. The coordination between student volunteers and The Society across time zones and vast distances, at all hours of the day and night, amidst work and family life, is striking and inspiring.

At the conclusion of the meeting, we took a moment of silence to think of Marshall Vian Summers, his lifelong service to God, to humanity and to the world, especially now as great waves of environmental, social and political change crash upon the world’s shores and as Contact with the Greater Community continues, and with it humanity’s ongoing encounter and interaction with non-human forces from beyond this world.

Just as we were dedicating this moment in the meeting to Marshall, a message came across my phone from him:

I feel a powerful revelation coming on. Would it be possible for you and Reed to come to record this?”

Right then and there, the word went out to all present in the room and abroad on Skype.

As Reed and I rode our bikes home from The Society’s offices, I took note of this day of revelation…the glistening light, no wind, birds abound, even a monarch butterfly flitting up and down through the garden upon arriving.

Marshall was waiting…

As we hurried to prepare the space for what was about to happen, I asked him how he was doing, especially after having to wait so long for us to get there.

I feel a lot of downward pressure, as if a force is trying to pull me off the surface of my mind. It makes it really difficult for me to do things. All of a sudden everything became very glassy. And I said to myself, ‘I know what this is. I have been receiving messages about what this could be.’ Yes, it’s like a tremendous weight on my shoulders and yet pulling me off the surface. It is not a physical weight, but it feels weighty. And I am being called out of a normal state of mind, from normal life, from normal activities…”

Once in place, Marshall sat very still, whispering inaudibly his prayers of service to his Source.

Moments later the Voice began to speak:

“Today We shall speak on what really matters in life—what really matters for you. What are the essential things that you are here to understand, the people you are here to meet, the things you are here to do—the essential things that have brought you into the world with a higher purpose…

“At some point in your life, if you are being honest with yourself, you will begin to question why you are really here…

“It is a great reckoning, you see, a great transition from trying to be happy living in Separation from your Source and from those who sent you into the world, to become reconnected with your Source and those who sent you into the world—reconnected through a deeper Knowledge within yourself, a deeper Intelligence, a deeper Intelligence that is who you really are, who you were before you came into this world and who you will be after you leave…

“At this turning point, you have to become serious about your life. No more side journeys, you see…

“Heaven is waiting for you to come to this turning point in your life. Before this, everything is haphazard.

“It is a threshold of personal revelation that brings this into being, a gradual revelation that takes you further and further out of the fog of confusion and the restraints of your former life, the mental restraints and, in some cases, the physical restraints.

“For what really matters is to find the Knowledge that God has placed within you to guide you, to prepare you and to lead you in the true direction of your life.

“What really matters is to find those people who will be a part of this discovery.

“What really matters is that you prepare and take these Steps to Knowledge and follow Knowledge as it reshapes your life…”

At one point Marshall raised his right hand and turned it to face his eyes, which remained closed, and the Voice of Revelation poignantly spoke:

Here you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, finally. Here you can look upon people who are suffering or living in error with compassion, realizing that they are still lost living in Separation.

“What really matters in the end is that you can give what you came here to give, based upon your design not upon your wishes, based upon your deeper nature not upon your preferences or what you think will make you happy.

“What really matters is that you return to the purpose that has brought you here.

“In time, things that do not matter fall away or prove to be a burden and an impediment.

“This is how God saves you, you see…God saves you because you came alive, finally, and are willing to undergo a preparation not of your own making, to really experience life as it was meant to be—doing what really matters, becoming what really matters, giving what really matters.

“Here your life becomes simple. It becomes powerful. It becomes determined. It becomes strong. It becomes enduring. It becomes gracious. Here you can experience the pleasure of the moment while preparing for the future.

“Enough people in the world must be restored to this sufficiently to alter the course of humanity.”

As the Angelic Assembly spoke through Marshall, his voice became dry, speaking so continuously as he did. At times, totally enveloped in the experience of Revelation, the palms of his hands moved slowly up and down until he brought them to rest on his chest at the level of his heart.

The Voice ceased shortly thereafter. Moments of silence passed. When Marshall looked up, we knew the revelation had concluded, but for him the experience continued.

The following are his thoughts and reflections in those immediate moments just after, as the Presence of the Angelic Assembly receded.

What Really Matters

Afterglow from Marshall Vian Summers

This morning early, I went out in the field across from my house to do Tai Chi, and when I got out there, I was feeling a little strange, like I’m in the world but not of the world, and I began to do one of the Tai Chi forms, which I’ve been doing for years, and I stopped and I couldn’t think of the next thing to do, and then I tried to think of it, and I thought of it, and I did that. Then I couldn’t think of the next thing to do.

I recognized that I was being called and that something was pulling me off the surface. It felt like a weight, but not a physical weight, more like a feeling of gravity pulling me off the surface of my life.

I came back in, had a little bit of food and began to listen quietly because I often get messages about what this is going to be about. And I always ask, ‘Is this a message for me individually or is this a message for the world?’ And I kept hearing ‘world,’ so world it is. So that tells me it has to be recorded.

I contacted my wife Patricia and my son Reed, who were in a meeting at The Society, and asked if they could come home and record me, which they did.

And while I waited for them to come, the weight became very great. I just really couldn’t do anything except very simple tasks, being pulled off the surface into a deeper place where the Engagement would take place. This just does not happen at the surface. And as I waited for them to be able to come home, I could feel the strength of this Engagement, and other thoughts came into my mind that would actually be a part of the discourse. They kind of orient me. It helps me to relax knowing what this is going to be about.

When we are finally ready to begin, the Angelic Presence begins to descend, like a great cloud descending until it engulfs me. And then the Voice can be heard, clearly, not just as an idea in my mind but as the real Voice that speaks through the Angelic Assembly—a Voice unlike any voice I have ever heard, anywhere in the world, a voice whose nationality is hard to determine. Some people think it’s Chinese. Some people think it’s European. Some people think it’s from Latin America…because nobody can really tell for sure—this Voice, the same Voice that has delivered the entire New Message to me over the last 35 years.

I have not received a revelation in six months. The New Message is almost complete, except for certain teachings that may be needed as we begin to take the New Message out into the world. So I have not experienced this for some time.

And when it was over, there was great stillness inside of me, and they began to ascend. And as they ascend, I could just feel like I didn’t want them to go. ‘Don’t leave me here alone,’ I thought to myself.

They got further up, high, high, high, out of range of my awareness, but still accessible and available to me. They left me very quiet, in the world but not of the world, very quiet.

And this is a stage in which I speak with you here, having just received the New Message teaching, “What Really Matters.”

Marshall paused for a moment of reflection and then remarkably began to come forth with this intimate post-revelation teaching for us all:

One of the things I can see is that this kind of Engagement can’t happen too often because it makes it harder for me to be in the world if it’s sustained. My life is becoming like a bridge that is anchored on two shores—one shore in the world, one shore in Heaven. And over this bridge, the New Message can pass through me. But both of those anchors have to be strong enough for this bridge to hold up. There has to be enough structure there.

That is why I’m very structured about how I connect in the world, how connected I am and how much I have to be connected in the world without having too much of the world, which is always a temptation and a problem.

Heaven does not allow me to engage on the other shore very often though I can feel their Presence, and I can receive counsel within days and sometimes moments if I really need it. But I’ve received so much guidance and counsel now that my challenge is just to employ it and practice it and utilize it.

Why keep seeking more counsel if you can’t use what you’ve already received and already know to do? People don’t realize that the more your life becomes truly oriented and directed, the less guidance you need, so the less guidance you’re going to have. It’s either that or you are so stuck or so lost or so obstinate that they just stop talking to you. Those are the two possibilities.

I don’t constantly need course correction, and the course correction I have needed over the years has been provided to me with a set of observances and practices that I need to utilize for myself. So the constant need for guidance is just not there. It becomes a matter of ‘am I getting the job done?’ ‘Am I staying on course?’ ‘Am I staying current with what needs to happen?’ ‘Am I staying balanced?” And I’ve been given the provisions for making those adjustments.

The only exception here is like a big turning point in your life, and that’s when Heaven’s intervention becomes pretty important, particularly if it’s a turning point in your life that is being directed by Heaven.

So once you know your role and your purpose, it’s about being in that role and carrying out that purpose. That’s what matters. And your own personal development is related to being in that role appropriately and wisely and carrying forth that purpose as best you can, given the limitations of people and circumstances and everything.

Heaven doesn’t talk to those who just want to improve themselves to look better to themselves because that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t really matter how good you look to yourself or to those whose approval you seek. Heaven doesn’t engage with that. So all of these spiritual niceties that people love to indulge in is not a product of Heaven. It’s just personal enhancement, looking good because you don’t feel good, looking good because your life isn’t really going anywhere or accomplishing anything, looking good to compensate for the fact that inside you feel empty and lost.

Whenever you find yourself envying good-looking people or people who look like they have good circumstances, think about this: what really matters?

I’m living in the reality of “what really matters” now, deeply enough into it that it gives me criteria for understanding how to value things around me, even temporary things, even casual things. I can enjoy the world without being trapped in it, dominated by it—[enjoying] life’s simple pleasures every day and yet aware, sometimes acutely, of the level of suffering and destruction that’s going on in the world.

But that’s the world. And I must reach those people and find those people who are ready to engage with the real meaning of their life and who are service-oriented and compassionate and feel they have a relationship with the bigger world around them, beyond themselves.”

Nasi Novare Coram (The Presence of the Unseen Ones is with us),

Patricia Summers

“God saves you because you came alive, finally, and are willing to undergo a preparation not of your own making, to really experience life as it was meant to be–doing what really matters, becoming what really matters.”

What Really Matters, June 26, 2017

Patricia Summers notes on witnessing Marshall Vian Summer's receiving the revelation the great coordination

Patricia Summers’ Afterglow Notes on the Process of Revelation

22 Responses to "Receiving “What Really Matters”"

  1. May Posted on July 13, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    Good afternoon my loved ones and thanks so much for sharing this with me. I am so honored to read and take in this afterglow, my tears were running,
    I am deeply moved by this revelation What Really Matters,
    Bless you all in times ahead,
    I look forward to going down to Oslo in the end of July and so travel abroad to Denmark, to be with Aasta,
    I just need to talk with somebody higher up than I am right now, tis so good to share a conversation with somebody that understand,
    So Thank you Again Marshall, our dear Messenger with all you have given to Humanity already and to me who really want to be a contributor and serve Humanity,
    Naci Novare Coram *

  2. Steve Smith Posted on July 13, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    To Marshall, Patricia and Reed, I’m so very grateful for your reaching out with continued inclusion, sharing these greater communications through these “Afterglow Accountings”.

    For me, this accounting resurfaces, reengages and reenergizes Marshall’s comments shared during the recent Steps Vigil regarding the 80/20 principle. And for me, illustrates a sifting screen that seems to accompany us on this journey, allowing the 80% of our lives that is non-essential to pass through without restriction, without delay, leaving the remaining 20% to be our enduring focus, our statement of work, God’s work, “What really matters”.

    And to revisit the 8 July 2017 Campfire Chat,

    MVS Society: “Once truly recognized, the Intervention brings the urgency of our times to the fore like nothing else. Here your preparation and studenthood become really serious and consequential rather than something you try to get to when you can.”

    May there be an urgent shifting into a lower yet greater climbing gear so that, “What really matters”, isn’t deferred until it really matters.

    From the Afterglow Accounting: “And when it was over, there was great stillness inside of me, and they began to ascend. And as they ascend, I could just feel like I didn’t want them to go. ‘Don’t leave me here alone,’ I thought to myself.”

    P.S., May the great and growing team here with boots on the ground, make the difference that makes all the difference.

    With reverence,

    Steve Smith

  3. Josef Pichler Posted on July 13, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    Thank you Marshall. Patricia. Reed!
    Yes. this reallly matters. more than anything else!
    Josef Pichler
    Nasi Novare Coram

  4. Danuta Nowak Posted on July 14, 2017 at 2:48 am


    I feel too that there is no room for diversions any more. I wish my assignment was revealed to me. I still do not know. Thank you again.

    These months’ student sessions are very engaging. Not sure if I will be able to connect during Campfire chats tough.

    I send you my love, respect and best wishes, Danuta

  5. Wolf Posted on July 14, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    It is simply a miraculous thing to find the New Message; to have been found. It sounds so simple doesn’t it, just take the steps to knowledge and yet, there are difficulties and hurdles here of a personal nature that are significant and which seem to arise from nowhere. Yet I must persevere, and when I find that difficult, I remind myslef, and read of, the journey of the messenger, or messengers I could say. How far I can climb up the mountain, or if I can climb at all I do not know, I can only follow what seems to be, appears to be, inner guidance.

    • Joanne Leadley Posted on August 11, 2017 at 4:47 am

      Thankyou for this. The inner journey, for me, has been so intense but I know God is drawing me closer to being reconciled deep within myself. His plans and purposes for mankind are for this deep inner journey to find our true selves. This is what really matters

  6. Alio Posted on July 14, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    After 2 years of steps and much difficult life adjusting to accommodate the growth, I found myself at a threshold, having to look deeper, question again from a new and changing context, “What am I really?” “Where did I really come from and going to?” “What is my life really and what am I doing and what for?” What is really going on here and in the universe?” “Why am I doing this anyway?”

    This message, as the answer, came right on time for me to the day and I can’t help but wonder if because of our connection and mutual growth and support, that the message came to answer the same need in us all at this time…. sort of a collective growth spurt?

  7. Shrimayi Posted on July 14, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    Thank you Marshall,Patricia and Reed.
    Grateful for the receiving of What really matters.
    That will bring us closer to who we really are and what we came here to give.
    It is not something in the future it is now.
    I think of something said somewhere in one of the Revelations
    That when it is time you will be called even if you are not ready..
    And what is more beautiful than to prepare and work to alter the course of humanity.

  8. Alisa Posted on July 15, 2017 at 10:18 am

    Thank you Marshall, Patricia and Reed for bringing us this Afterglow Account. I was very moved as I read it and felt the deep significance of this teaching for my own life and the destiny of the world at large. It sums up the crux of “what really matters.”

    This stood out for me too.

    “And when it was over, there was great stillness inside of me, and they began to ascend. And as they ascend, I could just feel like I didn’t want them to go. ‘Don’t leave me here alone,’ I thought to myself.”

    I have read something to this effect somewhere else in the New Message, about how it is best only to be given small doses of immersion in the Presence because if we experienced it all the time, we would not want to be in this world. I can imagine how difficult it must be for Marshall, after six months of not being called, to become totally immersed in this experience again and how it lifts him out of this world to an ethereal plane. And how hard it must be to come back down to earth and return to this physical world after the transmission is over.

    This bridge that Marshall creates between this world and Heaven is truly miraculous and I can only feel so blessed to have found you and be able to take the Steps to Knowledge and make my small contribution.

    Thank you for your ongoing dedication and service.
    Nasi Novare Coram

  9. Mary Posted on July 15, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    While religions and other spiritual teachings hide behind barriers that keep secrets or treasures or teachings available only to those in the highest rank (priest, pope, clergy, lama etc) this sacred experience of receiving “What Really Matters” revelations from the Angelic Assembly is shared with us…beginning students of Knowledge. Thank you Marshall and Patricia for allowing us this intimate glimpse of what it is like to be so close the other side. May we receive this rare and precious gift and hold it safe within our hearts. May our hearts, mind and body remember that we are worthy of this pure love from the Creator.
    We are deeply grateful for this honor.

  10. Maureen Murphy Posted on July 15, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Reaching to find the words as I hear the deeply impactful, wise words from his mouth yet one more time. Profound gratitude to not only live in the time of the Messenger but to witness his selfless giving, his dedication, his physical and mental strength as he endures what it takes to be the recipient of so many messages from the Teachers of God. The Teachers of God no less. Grateful to him and to The Teachers who give of themselves endlessly to this tiny little troubled orb in this massive universe through this humble, simple man. I pray that I find the courage, the stamina, the dedication and the ability to apply, live and rise to this clear and urgent Call.I pray that I am only one of many thousands who hear and respond so that future generations will live their lives guided by Knowledge no matter what they face.

  11. Roger Solberg Brunstad Posted on July 15, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    Thank you Patricia for sharing the latest revelation from the Angelic Assembly. I watched the 20 day vigil on live stream and this is very inspiring to see all the new studetnts who have found the new message.. Hopefully I will return to Boulder next year to participate in the vigil. It is now 13 years I visited Boulder and due to several reasons I have not been able to travel to USA.

  12. Keiko Murai Posted on July 16, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    I noticed that one of the student’s post FB today. I was so busy so that I have not checked the mails…I read it today. Immediately I went to read the journal of 26th June and around that day…
    I started to experience very specific things related to remembrance.

    More than a year ago I recalled something terrible in my past…I felt greater despair that I have never felt in my life. It remained for a long time. It is so vivid as if I were there…I was being in despair at that moment.

    I realized that this small group of people were still there and are united. They have their children as well…
    I cried for joy. I have never accessed to it.

    What really matters for me is:
    We as the native people of Earth will preserve our natural environment and civilization.
    Keeping our diversity as the richness of this planet’s cultures…

    and uniting those people seek to be free in the universe.
    This is my desire.

    To do this we preserve this Revelation intact and keep Knowledge alive within us.

  13. LaRae Posted on July 20, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    As I read these accounts of the afterglow and the actual experience of receiving Revelation written by The Messenger and his dear wife, I cannot help but pause and briefly indulge in a moment of awe. To be alive at a time of Revelation is remarkable on its own. To be alive and aware of The Messengers existence is a bountiful blessing indeed. But to be alive, aware and a Student of Knowledge in The Messengers lifetime is a gift far greater than I deserve…and yet it is real. May God grant me the humility, the wisdom and the courage to serve it well.

    Reading Marshall’s and Patricia’s words about “What Really Matters” fills me with such deep respect and profound gratitude for the responsibility they have carried, mostly in obscurity, all these years. To learn of the structure it has taken for this platform and bridge to be built and maintained while bearing the weight of getting this Message to a self-obsessed world required great personal sacrifice. To do it all, not knowing if anyone would hear them, enduring the sceptical and sometimes cruel reactions…and doing it anyway. Such is their love for this world and the human race.

    This Message and this Messenger has brought “What Really Matters” to this world in this Revelation as well as The Steps to Knowledge and The New Message from God. This is the greatest gift ever given to the human family as well as the greatest responsibility. May all who feel resonance with Marshall and this Message serve to the best of their abilities both now and in the times to come.

    Nasi Novare Coram

  14. Samantha Posted on July 22, 2017 at 11:11 am

    For me what struck me to the core in this afterglow account were Marshall’s words – ‘Don’t leave me here alone,’ this made me feel immense gratitude to him for his service to humanity.

    My gratitude to our Creator, the Angelic Assembly and the Messenger himself often overwhelms me, as I realise that they are providing us with the keys to save ourselves and our home. When one accepts the overwhelming and inescapable truths that the New Messages provides you cannot help but cleave to your own preparation in hope that you will be able to play your own small part in creating a free and united human civilization.

    What Really Matters is in part a culmination of the life changing and life affirming revelation that I feel honoured to have the opportunity to witness and to experience. I hope that many people the world over will be able to witness and receive this new Revelation from our Creator so that Knowledge grows strong in our world and we are able to weather both our emergence into the Great Community and the Great Waves of Change.

    Nasi Novare Coram

  15. Danny_Australia Posted on July 26, 2017 at 3:37 am

    Thank you Patricia for this wonderful account of the afterglow experience as well as Marshall’s direct experience of receiving revelation… It is so incredible and amazing I don’t know what to say… I can only feel for the Messenger and try to acknowledge to the best of my abilities the great burden he must feel. I can also appreciate the feeling of Heaven and Earth joining in one great miracle called the New Message from God, it still puzzles me how close these two realities can be, while still allowing for the contrast and wholeness of each experience to remain intact. Manifestation and Creation. It is amazing also that he manages to remain planted in the earth and as mentioned structural in this approach, in such a way that his humanity is not lost and a great strength is maintained during this process, or else it can really blow you off your feet! I don’t know why it just feels so familiar to me to hear all of this, it is like I know the feeling but to a much lesser degree, especially because Marshall explains it so well. I can identify with this… I think this experience is meant to help us all through our own journeys of learning to be a bridge between these two realities and to show us that it is possible to experience this and to still walk away from it and move forwards… I say this because I imagine it must be a life shattering experience to have your whole world in terms of perception completely torn apart in the name of truth and service for a planet where evil and suffering are rampant. Of course there is the good, the light, but I can imagine the shadow it casts over this world must be a great shadow and one to be respected and acknowledged. I think the burden of the Messenger is very great and one that not many people will be able to appreciate. I hope I can do this. I am grateful for this great Gift for Humanity and for the Messenger taking on such a great role of responsibility. I think in the times to come people will begin to realise more and more how important this is and how this is the largest Revelation ever given to this Planet at one of the most critical times in the development of humanity, the Emergence into the Greater Community… the most important time for most planets development if I am correct in saying this… Where is the acknowledgement from the people of Earth? I hope I can do my best to show people that this is their culture and their new possibility to have a personal tradition of their own that they can follow and aspire towards the footsteps of the Messenger.

  16. Betty Willems Posted on August 11, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    Thank you once again for opening the door to the experience of receiving revelations. An experience that, we otherwise could not be close to without these accounts in the journal that are available here at the home of the New Message. Realizing that we have a Messenger among us in the world, brings gratitude and a commitment to the truth of our life, dedication to the work we have come to do here in the world. The New Message from God is real, palpable, a communication from the Divine which is made possible to receive in the world by the Messenger. Marshall Vian Summers is a great demonstration of commitment, perseverance, endurance, humility, integrity, compassion.

  17. Prem Lulla Posted on September 15, 2017 at 10:01 am

    My heartfelt thanks to all the team members of the Society for bringing for the the New Message. I have been reading the messages from about three months now and feel quiet moved and inspired and want to move further ahead. As I read the above message, I could feel the Presence and tears rolled down my cheeks.
    Thanks once again.

  18. Russell-Saskatchewan Posted on November 27, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    The reality of just being able to receive is a burden and seemingly borne well by my friend, Marshall.
    May he continue to Share this experience with us all, for enough time, for the messages to Really Matter.

  19. Ken Kendall Posted on January 2, 2018 at 5:00 am

    What matters to me is to move myself from lip serice to real service.
    . NNC

  20. WolfW Posted on May 8, 2019 at 11:29 pm

    Thankyou so much for this wisdom and the sharing of the experience. It is like a beacon. Gratitude.

  21. Hyonam Posted on March 29, 2022 at 3:51 am

    Thank you. Nasi Novare Coram

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