Receiving “The Greater Intelligence”

Receiving “The Greater Intelligence”

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Receiving Revelation

An Afterglow Accounting from Patricia Summers:

The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers receives

“The Greater Intelligence”

on September 4, 2015, in Boulder, CO


September 5, 2015

A Message to the Worldwide Community of the New Message:

Dear All,

Today, amidst this busy, last week before the Worldwide Community of the New Message convenes at our Encampment, high up in the Rocky Mountains, and with all of the preparation that this entails, Marshall Vian Summers was called to receive the Voice of Revelation.

The following is an accounting of the circumstances just before the revelation, The Greater Intelligence was received, some of what happened as the revelation was being received, along with the Messenger’s impressions in the first few moments following his experience.

While the quotes below from the revelation, The Greater Intelligence, may seem extensive, they only comprise about five minutes of the total 32 minutes of actual spoken word teaching. Such a comprehensive, yet remarkable experience of communication these revelations are! The Angelic Voice seems to speak in simultaneous levels of communication. It is almost multi-phonic to the ear, with so many meanings being conveyed at the same time. Thus as it says of itself, it is a Voice of many Voices.

The following is the story of how the revelation, The Greater Intelligence was received:

Today Marshall and I were taking an early morning walk at the base of the foothills. It had rained yesterday late afternoon and the grass under our feet was cool and moist. The morning light had that early Autumn glow.

Yet as we walked I could see from Marshall’s demeanor that something was happening. There was an unusual sense of weight that even I could feel as we walked up the slight incline. I watched Marshall ahead of me, his shoulders bent somewhat forward, his stride long and slow. We sat at a shaded outdoor table nearby. A pervasive stillness between us set in. Moments later Marshall said,

“I’m being called…[pause] I woke up with the weight and it’s getting stronger.”

We went home directly and began to prepare ourselves and the environment.

There were so many outdoor sounds—tree limbs being cut down, grass being trimmed, dogs barking. We closed all the windows except two that were high, high up the living room wall and which are directly across from the upstairs room where Marshall receives revelation.

It seemed the multitudinous outdoor sounds still poured in from the windows directly to his place of revelation.

Before I knew it, Marshall appeared from downstairs, ladder in hand, with the intention of climbing up and reaching the high windows to crank them shut. With him in such an altered mind and body state, this worried me.

Then, up the rickety five-step wooden ladder he went to the top. I held on to his ankles, the ladder and the window frame all at once. He closed one window. Climbed down. Turned the ladder around to access the other high window and then went up again.  As he cranked the last window down, the outdoor sounds diminished significantly.

Just moments later Marshall was in his place of revelation.

He sat, eyes closed, hands clasped on his lap, lips moving.  I leaned forward to hear what I could. He was uttering sub-audible prayers and invocations for what seemed five long minutes. There was so much he was saying. He was submitting himself. He was calling to them, his Source Community. He was praying to God.

Then the Voice began to speak.

Today we will speak on the meaning of intelligence.
Certainly people have a notion of intelligence.  However clever and capable a person’s mind might be in certain situations, however educated a person might be along certain lines of work or employment, however clever one might be, or artistic one might be, all these things are considered markers of intelligence. But they are only one aspect of intelligence within you. The intellect and its development, or lack of development, is what people usually regard as intelligence. But there are different kinds of intelligence. And the greatest intelligence within you remains hidden beneath the intellect, beneath the surface of the mind.”

Marshall, eyes closed, leaned forward, his forearms on the chair, his fingers interlaced and suspended in front of him.

What humanity will need in the future is intelligence, but not just intellectual intelligence. It will need the Greater Intelligence that God has put within each person to guide them, to prepare them, to protect them and to lead them to a greater life of service and meaning in the world, even under the radically changing circumstances of life. For you have been sent into the world to be in these circumstances and Knowledge within you knows exactly what this means.”

The Voice continued.

The more you can become educated intellectually, recognizing the realities of the world, rather than merely human ideas about it, the more Knowledge can move through you and direct you correctly…”

“But be very clear, intellectual brilliance does not represent the Power of Knowledge. People can be brilliant, but utterly blind in the rest of their lives and affairs.”

I watched as the Voice seemed to speak with great emphasis, Marshall’s hands resting on his lap but with both of his index fingers pointing upward, as if an important point of distinction was about to be made.

So be very clear. We are talking about Intelligence at a greater level within you and within everyone, waiting to be discovered. This Intelligence must guide the intellect, or the intellect will continue to be dominated by its reactions to the world, by its ideas and fixations. When that is the case, you cannot see, you cannot know and you cannot respond when Heaven is giving you wisdom and signs–to hold you back, to keep you from moving in a direction that does not represent your destiny.

For you do have a destiny, for you were sent here for a greater purpose. But if that purpose is not being realized, if you are not moving in that direction, if you are stranded somewhere, in a set of circumstances that does not represent this destiny, then you will feel a restlessness and a frustration where nothing can relieve you, until you come to your deeper senses and begin to take stock of your life, and to ask yourself, ‘Am I living the life I was truly meant to live?’ That is an intelligent question, but it does not have an easy answer, for the answer is not an idea. The answer is a pathway to follow. Mysterious it is. It is beyond the realm of your intellect, so you cannot fully understand it. But it will feel very natural to you, and very real. And the further that you will respond to this, the more you will feel right about your life and have a sense that there is a real purpose there. ”

“… [this] is to put you out into the world, with the Power of Heaven to be your rudder, to keep you on track.

“The Greater Intelligence needs the lesser intelligence to be most effective in the world.

“Nothing but your true purpose and destiny can satisfy the deeper need of your Soul. And once you come to experience this, then you have reached a real turning point in your life. And you will begin to turn to the greater power that can move you from within and hold you back from within.”

“Now you have the Greater Intelligence of Knowledge, which represents the part of you that is still connected to God.”

“You must be in the right place with the right people for the right purpose.”

“Knowledge knows where you have to go. You must learn to follow. But as you follow, you will have to use your mind carefully to discern other people, to discern your environment, for there are many hazards along the way. Here you do not abandon the intellect for some kind of grand spiritual experience. Instead, your intellect is brought into greater service…

“There is much to be learned. There is much to be unlearned. There is much to be reconsidered and changed. There is a lot of work to do at the level of your mind. It is full of memory and grievances and persuasions that weaken you, and that trouble you, even haunt you.”

“You cannot go into the future with a mind like that, or you will not survive. You will not succeed. You will not be safe. You will not know what to do, and you will follow others who do not know what to do. You will be terrified, frustrated and angry, turning against others. It is a prescription for disaster at a level never seen here before.

“That is why the Calling is so urgent. That is why God has given a New Message for humanity at this critical turning point. 

“This intelligence is not fearful, but it is observant. It does not condemn others, but it does recognize errors, problems and risks.”

“Your mind can go from hope to hopelessness in a moment, so fragile is your certainty, so thin your layer of confidence, so easily destroyed and upset are your assumptions. It is to take you out of this pathetic and vulnerable state that God is calling to you through the Revelation, to build and to receive a Greater Intelligence that is your inheritance here on Earth. ”

“Without this, you will not be able to navigate the difficult times to come.”

Marshall sitting upright, hands and arms raised, palms facing forward.

It is about surviving in a difficult world and becoming a force for good there, a force for contribution. For God knows what is coming to the world, and through the Revelation, God is trying to prepare you, to warn you, to bless you, to give you the pathway to build real strength, certainty and competence…”

“You must use all aspects of your intelligence, not just one.
You must use your intellect.
You must use your physical capabilities.
You must use your natural responses to the world to a certain degree.
You must use your education.
You must use your mistakes and your disappointments to help prepare you, for wisdom is born of these things.
But most importantly, you must gain access to the Greater Intelligence that lives within you, waiting to be discovered.

“Here you are engaging with all of your intelligence.

“The mind cannot use Knowledge for its purposes. But Knowledge must use the mind for its purposes. That is the true hierarchy of power within you. And that is the true relationship between your mind, your heart and your Soul.

“It is only by living with real questions that these deeper answers can come to you, deeply from within you. And they will be the signs that there is a Greater Intelligence living there, watching you, watching your life. It has always been there watching you, watching your life….

“God’s intention is to save humanity from its current trajectory and path, which will only lead to destruction of life in this world.”

“Be intelligent! Build intelligence!  Exercise intelligence and it will grow. Your intellect will become stronger, more certain. Your energy will grow because it is not be wasted on people, places and things of no meaning and value. Your body will become stronger because you will take care of it now, realizing its importance as your vehicle in this world. Your emotions will become clearer as they are truly directed.”

And then the final words,

And you will see a way out of the impasse of your life.
For there is a door waiting for you…and it has already been opened.”

After the Voice ceased, Marshall sat motionless for some time. Eventually, he looked up at me, paused and then asked, “How was that for you?”  I could not immediately say. After some time I replied, “Stunned.” We sat together for another five minutes, preserved the recordings and then Marshall recorded the following message about his experience of receiving “The Greater Intelligence.”

This is September 4, 2015. I just received ‘The Greater Intelligence.’ I felt the pressure this morning after I got up, like a weight in my head. I felt removed from the environment around me as if something was pulling on my attention at a deep, deep level. I took a walk with Patricia, my wife, this beautiful morning, and I could see that I was experiencing a different kind of reality as I was looking about, not a reality of this world. And I felt, by the time I came back from our very short walk, that I was being called.

So we prepared the house, to make it as quiet as possible, prepared our room, set up the recorder, both recorders. And I began to prepare with my Invocation, where I open my mind to receive whatever must be given, whether I understand it or not, whether I believe in it or not, whether I accept it or not, whatever it may be, and I’m honored and blessed to receive the Angelic Assembly.

And then I asked, ‘May I know the theme of this teaching?’ I always ask this, and sometimes I receive an answer and sometimes I don’t. But today I received the answer, ‘Intelligence!’ as if it was flashing in my mind. ‘Intelligence.’

I have been thinking about intelligence lately, and so the Angelic Assembly today has given a teaching about the different levels of intelligence and what intelligence is for, how it must be recognized and the purpose it must serve, stating it’s the greatest need of humanity as it faces the Great Waves of change coming to the world… ‘Intelligence’…but not ordinary intelligence, not book learning, not human assumption, something greater.

Here echoes a message throughout God’s New Revelation to prepare humanity for living in a new world under very trying circumstances by giving humanity a Greater Intelligence, and the wisdom about things we have not seen or known, a window into a larger universe, and into what is coming for our world.

Today I could feel, as I always feel, the great Cloud of Revelation descending from above–from far, far above, descending down like a great engulfing mist, surrounding me like a tent, enveloping me so fully, yet the Voice is close, so close. And it stays there holding me, and I relax into it and do not try to understand or control it.

And when the Voice is done, it is done, and the great Cloud begins to rise, as if into a funnel, leaving me, slowly, completely empty and quiet. And it continues, and I try to follow it as far up as it goes, but it goes so far, to its resting place where it watches over us all, so far, so high above us. And I’m left empty, quiet, my mind very still. The afterglow is actually a very precious experience.

But another part of God’s New Revelation has been given, and soon I must return to my work that I share with others in preparing this Revelation for the world…and for you.”

Nasi Novare Coram,

Patricia Summers

“… And when the Voice is done, it is done. And the great Cloud begins to rise, as if into a funnel, leaving me, slowly, completely empty and quiet. And it continues, and I try to follow it as far up as it goes, but it goes so far, to its resting place where it watches over us all, so far, so high above us. And I’m left empty, quiet, my mind very still. The afterglow is actually a very precious experience.”

– Marshall Vian Summers’ Afterglow, September 4, 2015

Patricia Summers notes on witnessing Marshall Vian Summer's receiving the revelation

Patricia Summers’ Afterglow Notes on the Process of Revelation

14 Responses to "Receiving “The Greater Intelligence”"

  1. markb Posted on September 5, 2015 at 9:01 pm

    I appreciate how the Voice makes clear that intelligence is valuable for understanding the realities of our world. Used in the proper context, our intelligence can serve Knowledge and Knowledge can direct us more fully with our intelligence employed as a servant.

  2. atalundi Posted on September 6, 2015 at 5:44 am

    Thank you, that’s exactly right.

  3. krys Posted on September 21, 2015 at 10:36 am

    Thank you so much for your priceless insight and lesson. Like a truly great meal, it will take time to process but the feast is one NOT to be missed or rapidly absorbed. Best wishes always!

  4. Asta Posted on September 27, 2015 at 6:59 am

    I thank God for these Revelations. I thank the Messenger to be able to receive them. I thank Patricia for being there for the Messenger. I begin now to understand that this Receiving takes its toll on the Messenger, and I hope and pray that I’ll meet him before he’s used up! I MUST meet him!

  5. brian black Posted on September 27, 2015 at 11:44 pm

    I thank the messenger, I have had a spiritual awakening, I am a true believer, I am not that smart, but I will try my best to understand

  6. Karen Posted on December 29, 2015 at 12:27 am

    Amen and god bless everyone and everything. I love you ALL. thank you god!!!!

  7. Kimberly Mcgreevy Posted on January 1, 2016 at 10:31 am

    My thoughts have been changing, I know I am being called! I have experienced so many traumatic life events, and somehow lived through them, my heart is filled with love, forgiveness, yet I keep searching for my purpose. I can not put into words the glimpse I have had into heaven, but I have been on a spiritual journey, and God has lead me here, I am a true believer, and I open my heart and soul to receive the knowledge that God is revealing to me, and I too, will do my best to understand

  8. Didi Miesen Posted on January 18, 2016 at 8:12 pm

    I just found your site today – thanks to a Facebook Friend who posted it. Am just beginning to read what is being gifted to us through you and know that I am thankful to have found your writings at just the right time 🙂 I wish you and your lovely wife and family etc… nothing but the absolute best. Again, many thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  9. Reagan Posted on January 27, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    Is a great blessing in my life,i thank God for leading me these side of great knowledge.I believe.

  10. Fa'alai Leao Posted on March 7, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    I’m thankful for this message, as I can’t comprehend it, only the Lord will provide what I can do to help out. Favors & blessings in hope & God provides for the path & my Journey in Jesus Name. Amen

  11. harry mahia Posted on April 10, 2016 at 1:27 am

    wow thank you and god bless

  12. Josephine mac Donnell Posted on June 9, 2016 at 9:55 am

    Must say it’s scary hard to even try to understand

  13. Ernest Posted on August 29, 2016 at 8:24 am

    I must say that these teachings are like manna from heaven to me. I am reading and rereading these messages almost every day lately. I am very fortunate to have found my true purpose in life already, before I found these teachings. These revelations just made me realize it for certain. I know Marshall most definitely has found his.
    Mere words of thanks seem inadequate to something so powerful. You can’t help but be uplifted by these revelations. Thank you for Marshall.

  14. Mary Esther Posted on September 18, 2016 at 12:42 am

    I am on step 61 of Steps to Knowledge and I have already been blessed with being shown the beginning of the direction for my life. I have been searching and trying to figure this out for almost 47 years. Thank God! I feel so excited and ready to make my first steps onto this new path/adventure. I have much to learn and the revelation on this page is so refreshing and is a witness to my husband’s own personal revelation, understanding and journey.


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