Receiving “The Great Warning”

Receiving “The Great Warning”

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Patricia and Marshall

The Afterglow of Revelation…

The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers received a new Revelation: “The Great Warning” (April 26, 2015, in Boulder, Colorado, USA)


It is a rainy spring day with low mists covering the ridgeline above. New leaves on the trees are just blooming a brilliant lime green.

The Messenger awoke with concerns for the world and its people, as he has done for decades. With the New Message Revelation ever permeating his awareness, he sees its prophecy becoming real, year by year, month by month, day by day.

24 hours ago there had been an enormous earthquake with powerful aftershocks in Nepal, death toll unknown, decimating villages and parts of cities, leaving the fate of those on the mountains above unknown.  Hundreds of thousands of people in Sao Paolo, Brazil, suffering from catastrophic drought, are afflicted now with dengue fever from inadequate attempts to store water.

Today he was called again to his place of Revelation. A day of rest it was supposed to be, now rededicated, requiring those around him to do the same.

And so it was that late on this misty morning he made it known he was being “called,” saying he was unable to concentrate, always a sign for him, and that he felt he was “being summoned to another reality.”

We finished our midday meal and began to make preparations.

Marshall sat down, disengaged with the world around him and became enveloped in a very still, deep state.

Moments later, at 1:10 pm Mountain Daylight Time, the Voice of Revelation began to speak and delivered The Great Warning in approximately 32 minutes.

Here is part of its message:

“God has sent the New Message to the world at a great turning point for the human family—a turning point for which you are unprepared and unaware, a turning point so great that it will alter the course of life for everyone here today and the future of everyone to come in this world. It is a great threshold, the greatest the human family has ever had to face…

“Many people feel great anxiety about the future and concern over what will come, and that is well founded, no matter what explanations they give to this, or what they think this means. It is all the same response to a great change in your circumstances and a great challenge to your freedom and well-being…

“Only the Lord of the universe can warn you of these things with perfect clarity. And that is being done now through the Angelic Assembly, who speak as one Voice to bring God’s New Revelation into the world. For God has not spoken to the world in 1400 years…

“The world is changing so fast, and some of this you can only mitigate, which is rarely being done in the world today. For people do not realize they are living in a global state of emergency—the early stages where much can be done, where much can be resolved, where much preparation can be underway. But who amongst those whom you know, who amongst your culture and nation and family are preparing for the Great Waves of change? Are you preparing for the Great Waves of change?”

As the Voice began to speak the following words, with eyes closed, Marshall’s right hand lay over his face, fingers spread over his forehead.

“The seas will rise. Within the next century and a half, they will rise over a hundred feet.

“Where are you going to live? What will happen to your ports and cities and your prime farmland? What will happen to the deltas of the world and the millions who live there? Who will take them in when they must flee their nation, unable to survive there any longer? It is this you must consider. Look at a map of the world and see what will be lost. The majority of the major cities of the world will be flooded and will not be able to be protected…”

Marshall’s hand quickly rose again and swept sideways across his chest…with his index finger pointing up as if to say, “This is very important.”

The Voice continued,

“Do not give up…

“There can be no confusion now. The mistakes of the past cannot be repeated…

“Face this and the Power, the Presence and Grace will attend you.
You can overcome your weakness and your fear because there is a greater power within you.

“For the first time in human history, the Lord of all the universe has provided the Steps to Knowledge to the human family, an ancient teaching that has been given to other races in the universe over countless eons of time. It is this that must be studied, for it will engage you with the greater power within you, which is connected to God.

“Do this for yourself. Do this for your children. Do this for everything you love and appreciate about the world. But beyond this, do this for those who sent you here, who are watching to see if you can respond.”

1:50 pm Afterglow comments from the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers:

“I just received the teaching entitled The Great Warning. I was called upon this morning by a powerful Presence that began to draw me away from the outer reality and everything I was trying to do on this day. I could tell by the signs that I was being called, a remarkable experience that I do not think I can adequately describe.

“Sometimes when this happens, I have premonitions about the nature of the message and sometimes I have no premonitions. So at times, I have no idea what is going to be communicated. But today I had premonitions—premonitions of the rising tides of the world, images of great change, difficult images, not what I would want or what you would want certainly, but this is not about what we really want.

“So I had the premonition that this revelation would be about great environmental change, and much of it was.

“I can only pray that enough people can hear this and respond correctly, to see that it is a calling and not merely a warning, to see that it is a blessing and a promise of restoration and redemption, and not merely a challenge to do what has never been done before.

“I pray that people will have the courage increasingly to look and see what is happening in the world around them—not just in their local environment, but on the bigger stage of life; not just for a day, a week, or a month but looking further ahead. Everyone has an intellect capable of making certain connections here that are obvious, not merely philosophical or theoretical, because we are natural creatures and we have an innate understanding of our world. And we have a great store of wisdom of what happens in our world and what has happened before, which is all available to us if we search and look and consider adequately.

“I pray that you who are reading this, you who might be amongst the first to receive God’s New Revelation for the world, will have this deeper commitment to the truth within you, and the will and the resolve to prepare and to face whatever change that might mean in your circumstances or in your goals and plans. For everything must be re-evaluated now and that can be a great blessing, if it can be accepted.

“I carry the weight of Revelation. I pray that you will help me in this to further it, to support it and to bring it to others. For this is a greater task than I can do alone, and will involve the love and the contribution of many people. God has given us a great warning, but also a great blessing and a great preparation. It is now up to us to respond.”

Patricia Summers

“I can only pray that enough people can hear this and respond correctly,
to see that it is a calling and not merely a warning,
to see that it is a blessing and a promise of restoration and redemption,
and not merely a challenge to do what has never been done before.”

– Marshall Vian Summers

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    2.9.17 will be the great warning

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