Receiving ‘The Great Alliance’

Receiving ‘The Great Alliance’

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A Message from Patricia Summers: The Afterglow of Revelation…

The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers receives “The Great Alliance,” received on July 20, 2015, in Boulder, CO.


July 25, 2015

To all,
It was Monday evening, July 20th at about 9:33 pm. The Society had been engaged for several hours in a lengthy meeting that would go on longer still. We were deep in discussion and consideration regarding a number of important matters related to the needs of the New Message.

Reed Summers’ phone indicated that a communication had come from the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers.

“I just received a revelation. Very powerful. Approximately 33 minutes long. I am in the afterglow now. It was gentle in certain places and very forceful in others. It is about The Great Alliance that watches over us and calls to us, calls us to our connection with the Assembly. The Assembly is the Great Alliance and we are part of it. I am still in the afterglow and it is fine.

The Sacred Work continues both here and where you are.”

The Society sat quietly together, feeling the Presence of this oncoming revelation from God, with its enormous and sacred intention to reach the world. In that moment, we sat together, being with the Messenger in our thoughts, a man who ever devotedly responds to the call to receive God’s gift for a world in dire need.

It was also a moment for us to feel the responsibility that we The Society share, and the great need for our ongoing assistance and work together in service to this Messenger and this New Message from God.

We returned to our meeting, which concluded an hour later at 10:30 pm.

Upon arriving home, Marshall met us.
We sat closely together for quite some time.

He said,

“I feel this teaching was given in part to give us strength and encouragement as we face a world of increasing upheaval, uncertainty and suffering. It also connects The Assembly with Knowledge within each person as part of The Great Alliance.”

He continued,

“The revelation supports the connection that I and we must build as we go forward with the New Message into a world of increasing discord and challenge.”

The following are a few statements from the revelation “The Great Alliance,” followed by the first thoughts recorded by the Messenger as he sat alone that evening following his experience of the revelation, and as the Angelic Assembly receded.

From “The Great Alliance,”

“There is so much to discourage you in the world.

There is so much aggravation, so much violence, so much disappointment and so much uncertainty. It is so easy to fall into despair. It is so easy to doubt oneself and others. It is so easy to think the future is doomed in some way or hopeless.

But what you must come to understand is that there is a Great Alliance, a Great Alliance that has sent you into the world, a Great Alliance that watches over you once you begin to become aware of yourself and your deeper needs…

It is important for you to know that this Greater Reality is connected to you and your presence in the world. For this will give you hope and encouragement that the world cannot give you. This will give you strength and determination that the world cannot give you…

The question is: Will you re-enter relationship with that which lives deep within you, with that which represents your permanent life, the life from which you have come and to which you will return?

… God knows who you are and where you are. And God has found you like a speck upon the ocean, drifting, lost in the world, in the chaotic seas and the chaotic world…

But there is a long way to go. You have much to undo. You have much to forgive. You have much to recognize and come to terms with, and that takes time. But that is what time is really for. Otherwise, you will use time to languish, to live a haphazard and fruitless life. This is time now well spent…

As the fog begins to clear in your mind, as the clouds begin to part in your awareness, you will begin to feel this Alliance, that you have a great connection with Heaven that is enabling you and supporting you in building a foundation for a greater life in the future…

You have to work your way back. You have to reconstruct your mind and your affairs under the guidance of the power of Knowledge that God has given you to accomplish this. You cannot wish yourself to Heaven…”

And finally, the last words,

“And you will see you are part of a Greater Alliance. And you will know that you are but a small part. And you will honor the strength above you and the strength within you, for they are now united.”

The following are the first words of the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, after he recovered his state of mind and was able to speak following his receiving the revelation, “The Great Alliance.”

“Tonight I was home alone, and the great Presence began to come over me, taking me away from all other things, distracting me, as if my heart and soul were being drawn to it, and my mind had to catch up. I finally realized that I was being called, so I set up my recording equipment, and I asked if I may know the theme of the teaching, for that helps me to relax. Sometimes it is given to me and sometimes it is not, but tonight it was. “The Great Alliance” was repeated to me several times.

I did my blessings and invocations.

I surrendered my mind to God, saying I would receive whatever was necessary. Whether I understood it or not, whether I accepted it or not, whether I could comprehend it or not, I would receive it.

And then the Voice began. (Pause) It was so present, so clear, so articulate, taking three words, “The Great Alliance,” and going somewhere amazing with it. And I went too…wherever it wanted to go, I went with it.

Another immaculate revelation from the Angelic Assembly, giving another chapter in God’s New Revelation for the world.

And when it was over, I turned off the recorder, and I opened my eyes and looked at the room which was dimly lit by the lamp in the corner, and it was just full of Presence. It was palpable, as if a great crowd were in the room. It was really something (Pause) And then it all began to rise slowly, rising far, far, far up out of sight to the watchful place where it resides. The cloud of revelation arising, leaving me alone, but with a very empty and still mind.

Still enjoying the Presence, (Pause) I sent a message to my son, who was in a meeting at The Society with Patricia, my wife. And they received it and responded. I told them, ‘I am okay, still in the afterglow of Revelation.’”

Patricia Summers

“It was so present, so clear, so articulate, taking three words, “The Great Alliance,” and going somewhere amazing with it. And I went too…wherever it wanted to go. I went with it.”
– The Voice of Revelation

Afterglow notes

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