Receiving “Suffering”

Receiving “Suffering”

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An Afterglow Account from Patricia Summers:

The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers receives


on July 5, 2017, in Boulder, CO


August 10, 2017

On July 5, 2017, Marshall Vian Summers was called again to receive Revelation. He has been undergoing this experience of Divine communication for over 30 years, which has resulted in the largest body of Revelation ever to be received. This experience of being “called” has occurred hundreds and hundreds of times no matter where Marshall was in day-to-day life—physically, mentally or emotionally.

And so on that day, a powerful communication from the Angelic Assembly beyond this world enveloped Marshall, resulting in an expansive, groundbreaking teaching meant to guide people everywhere, and humanity as a whole, into threshold times now and to come.

Therefore, I would like to share with you an account of how the revelation “Suffering” was received so that you may be the first to know that Marshall was called again, that he received this revelation, and that you can experience for yourself what this may have been like for him and for the members of The Society, who were standing in waiting while this communication between the Angelic Assembly and their Messenger took place.

Below are the thoughts and feelings the Messenger was experiencing that morning, both just before and just after his experience of Revelation.

Also, in this accounting, you will be able to read the live communications going back and forth with the members of The Society, in the moments before and just after the revelation was received.

And most importantly are some of the passages from the revelation received that day, entitled “Suffering.”

Therefore, sit back and allow yourself to witness the events that took place that summer morning of July 5th …

Marshall came to me mid-morning with the simple request:

I am being called. Will you help me prepare?”

I stopped what I was doing. We began our preparations and just before he was beginning to receive, I asked Marshall if he wanted to say how he was feeling. He said the following:


Preglow from Marshall Vian Summers

I awoke this morning after a good sleep. I went out in the field and did Tai Chi, but everything around me had a kind of glassy appearance that indicated that there is a strong Presence with me, the Presence of the Assembly.

I came back in, had breakfast and continued to be with my experience. At first, I didn’t really understand it, and then it began to make sense to me that I was being called and that the Great Rays were shining upon me, calling my mind out of all other activities, concerns and preoccupations.

I asked and prayed, ‘What would you have of me?’ and I heard, ‘Receive Our communication.’

The last revelation, which was the first one given in five months, was nine days ago, and I said to myself out loud that there must be a teaching on “suffering.” And I have a sense that this is the teaching that is about to occur because as I sat, being with my experience this morning prior to recording, thoughts began streaming into my mind about suffering, thoughts that will probably be part of this revelation. But they’re only individual thoughts, a little bit of insight here, a little bit of insight there, as if to orient me, as if to give me a sense of certainty as to what this revelation would be addressing—a prelude before the storm of revelation.

So now I’m here with Patricia, preparing to receive.”

I sent the following brief message to the members of The Society for the New Message, those who have taken up a position of direct support to Marshall, helping him with his mission day in and day out, some of them for decades.

To all,

Marshall is engulfed in a huge Presence … seated … about to begin…
He asked, “What would you have of me?” The response, “Receive Our communication.”

Thoughts about “suffering” streaming into his mind …
He says, looking down, “This is the prelude before the storm of revelation.”
He knows you are with him …

Their heartfelt expressions of support for Marshall began to come in by silent text messages as he was enveloped by the Angelic Presence.

Oh Marshall, it continues … We are with you.”

“Great love to you Dear Marshall!”

“Yes, yes, Marshall I am with you driving up 28th [street] headed home …”

“Oh yes with you forever and ever … NNC.”

“Thank you for letting us know of this, Patricia. We are with him. ‘Suffering.’ Oh my … Being with him in this moment.”

“Yes, Marshall, we are with you.”

“Thank you Patricia. Yes, we stand with you Marshall.”

“Oh my goodness … My love to Marshall and you Patricia as this Great Threshold continues …”

The Voice of revelation began to speak. Below are some of the passages from the revelation, “Suffering:”

… everyone in the world, even the youngest child, is acquainted with suffering—physical pain, emotional pain, psychological pain, the pain of Separation, the pain of living in a difficult environment in the physical reality. This pain has many dimensions.

“… you must begin your assessment of suffering in as objective a manner as possible.

“God wants you to face your suffering and to see the wisdom it can give you and the aid it can give you in pointing your life in its true direction.

“… you must lead yourself. And as you lead yourself, there are greater forces that will lead you. Amazingly, as you begin to yield to this greater power, you yourself are able to finally gain control of your mind and your emotions in a healthy way, in a way with certainty and compassion. Finally, you can determine what you think and where your mind will go and what you will choose with greater clarity now, which was not really possible before.

“Instead of having a life of a little tiny bit of inspiration and a lot of confusion and suffering, you end up having a life of a great deal of inspiration and a little bit of confusion and suffering.

“You must reach a level of self-honesty beyond what most people think of here today. You must wait for great truth. You must look without coming to conclusions in most cases. You must learn to quiet your mind, learn to be still, learn to listen, learn to become able to respond, able to become responsible in this way.

“Here your life comes back into its true alignment, its true purpose, its true meaning. This is how God restores you so that you may give something beautiful to the world, to others and to life around you.”

Forty-five minutes later the Voice of Revelation was receding. After Marshall began to re-engage with me, I asked him if he would record his first impressions of his experience. He was still in a deep state. The following is what he said to me:


Afterglow from Marshall Vian Summers

I just received the New Message teaching on suffering, which we have not yet named.

The teaching rolled through me like a train, a perfect stream of clarity and ideas and revelation. And then it passed through me with a [sense of] completion, and as has happened so many times before, the Assembly then begins to ascend. Where they enveloped me during the revelation, they now begin to ascend slowly, upward, upward, upward … and to reach beyond what I can see or hear or know.

Like the embers rising from a great bonfire, rising up into the sky, they rise. But unlike the fire, what they leave behind is a great stillness, an open empty place, and my mind is quiet, nothing really to think about other than remembering to turn off the recorder; nothing to choose, decide or compare; nothing to speculate on; no future, no memory, no past—just quiet.

So I am gifted with this time of stillness where I don’t have to think about anything, where my mind is naturally quiet, having been engaged with its greater set of relationships. Why want anything when such a need has been fulfilled? Nothing else matters. But this really matters.

So I am left with the gift but also the demonstration of what a greater Engagement can really be like, and how it calms aggravations of the mind, for when such an answer is given, all questions seem to diminish and become unnecessary.

The New Message says at first there is emptiness. And then there is great Presence which fills that emptiness, the Presence that is always there, waiting for us to respond. In this way, welcome emptiness. Encourage emptiness. Set aside things for emptiness. This is why we practice in Steps to Knowledge, in part to create this emptiness so that the Presence can fill us.

I pray that your experience of this may occur, receiving this revelation from God, given through the Angelic Presence. This opens up your life, ringing down through the Ancient Corridors of your mind to a deeper reality that lives within you, even at this moment.

May it be so.”

An hour or so later, I sent this message to The Society, attempting to tell them what had happened and how Marshall was doing:

To all,

Marshall is finished, and recovering, sitting in the front yard, having some pineapple and melon for a fresh, sensory experience to help bring him back …

Oh, he wandered off … and just returned from the garden with a handful of fresh picked red and golden raspberries.

Now he’s sweetly watering the garden plants …

I went on to text The Society:

This is a revelation that has high relevance because it addresses the current experience all people have had, and are having, of inadvertent and haphazard suffering and injury.

This revelation provides an entirely new breath of perspective regarding what this core and unrelenting experience is, a part of our collective human condition. Now may this revelation help to orient us to a greater focal point or platform beyond our suffering.

Can we migrate to and re-set to this new focal point—a new fulcrum that can accommodate both our common experiences of suffering and of Knowledge, for us to know there is a greater spectrum of experience?

And can we genuinely experience our suffering, episodically emerge from it, or perhaps just carry it with us–without relapse, lost time, undue injury or attribution, outrage, fixation, and/or collapse?

Because Knowledge needs us to …

Bless the Messenger, he just keeps walking on and on, bearing an ever larger New Message for humanity … and we and others are here to help.

The Society’s replies are below:

Wow. Thank you, Patricia. Blessings to Marshall on re-entry.”

“Thank you Patricia for providing us a glimpse of this latest revelation. Blessings and strength to Marshall.”

“Bless the Messenger for bringing us this understanding. Bless his entire life of giving to this needy world.”

“Agreed and your description Patricia brings it further home along with the photos … Thank you for navigating this experience to us. May you both restore now.”

“Oh Marshall you have not been exempted from this suffering, and can and do teach us so much.”

“Blessings to you both on this holy day … thank you both for leading the way for this suffering world.”

“Dear, dear Patricia, thanks again so much for bringing us in close to Marshall and to this new revelation from God … Love, strength and rest to Marshall, and to you as well.”

“Thank you, Patricia. Knowing where we’ve been, what we’ve gone through, having this new set point, a point from which to really look at what goes on here, in us and around us, and what the New Message brings to relieve that suffering, which is giving humanity access to a greater reality to nourish and replenish the weary and worn. Thank you, Marshall. May you be nourished and refreshed as you bring this into the world. Love.”

And from our son Reed, who was at work, unable to be with Marshall:

Thank you, Mom. Perhaps another precious teaching to help us understand the world around us, and the world within us. Just like the revelations, The Separation and The Crisis, perhaps another here that can help people everywhere put to rest the confusion regarding this place where we now live, for a time, why things happen here, how to hold events and experiences, what really matters from it, and how to regard our time according to our greater life beyond the stretch of years we have here in this world, in this body, in this mind.”

As Marshall rested in bed, I shared The Society’s replies with him and texted back his response to them:

You are the Guardians.
To know that you stand watch and are in direct support of what I am receiving has given me the space, the road and the time to get down that road so that I and the New Revelation are ever closer to reaching the world.

We must reach this ‘suffering’ world with this Revelation from God.”

We at The Society want you to be the first to know of Marshall’s most recent experience of being called to receive revelation, and for you to be able to experience some of the words and communication contained in this message for the world on “Suffering.”

It’s true that suffering is something we are all very well acquainted with in life. It is such a gift now for us and for the world to receive a new and higher perspective on an experience that is common to us all, and is having such an enormous and ongoing impact upon the human family.

Gratitude to Marshall for the dedication of his life and for receiving this gift for the world, a New Message from God. May it be received.

The Presence of Knowledge stands with you,
Patricia Summers


“…the great Messengers of life have had to face suffering within themselves and all around them in order to give the greatest gifts from Heaven here. And all who seek to serve humanity authentically, in humility and with purpose, will experience suffering in doing so and most certainly will experience the suffering of those they are sent to serve.”

“Your suffering then becomes something that must be faced, and faced compassionately, for how could you not suffer if you did not know of the power of Knowledge that God has put within you?”

 Suffering, July 5, 2017

Also just posted by Reed Summers in the New Message Journal
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Patricia Summers notes on witnessing Marshall Vian Summer's receiving the revelation the great coordination

Patricia Summers’ Afterglow Notes on the Process of Revelation

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19 Responses to "Receiving “Suffering”"

  1. MarkB Posted on August 11, 2017 at 12:53 am

    Suffering is a condition everyone in the human family can relate to, as Patricia noted. And finally the New Message delivers a compassionate teaching to face this inevitable condition of living in Separation that contains the seed for our greater purpose and contribution while we are in the world.

    I greatly look forward to experiencing the entire revelation. Thank you Patricia for such a devoted and detailed accounting of this unique event on July 5, 2017. Thank you to all who have supported the Summers for years or decades and have allowed the New Message and Marshall to get to this point in time and space so that it can be taken out to a connected, literate world so thirsty for a new understanding of the condition we call “suffering”.

  2. Donald Panza Posted on August 11, 2017 at 2:14 am

    As I sit, being with the feeling after my reading of this afterglow, what comes up is this threshold of internal suffering I have been experiencing this summer. The memories of those summers of past relationships gone wrong that I I once blamed as the source of my suffering. Remembering all those years of carrying that torch of suffering, have been slowly being released from my heart. The unburdening that has waited for so long to happen and still feels like it has only just begun..I am looking forward to reading more of this Revelation. It has already given me much to contemplate. I see a deeper significance being shown to understand that part of the source of our individual strength arises from this suffering we experience.

  3. Alisa Posted on August 11, 2017 at 3:44 am

    This is so perfectly in sync with what is going on in the world today. So many people in the world are suffering and need to reach a higher place in their understanding of suffering to be able to cope with the physical and psychological devastation it brings.

    This week I have been translating an interview with a Russian woman who suffered the horror of having her children taken from her in an environment where she had no way to defend her rights as a mother. So this Revelation speaks directly to me in this context. And there are millions of examples of suffering throughout the world.

    I pray that the people of the world hear this Revelation on suffering and that it brings them the reprieve, comfort and higher understanding they need to cope with the pain and dispair they are going through.

    Thank you Marshall, Patricia, and all the Society members for your continued dedicated service to bringing God’s Revelation into the world. May as many people as possible receive this gift.

  4. LaRae Posted on August 11, 2017 at 8:26 am

    Thank dear Summers family for sharing this expression of receiving this latest Revelation on suffering. As I sit here, in the quiet, listening to Marshall relate his experience, I can feel such a deep stillness, a deep sense of gratitude and can feel the love which radiates through Gods Messenger for all of humanity.

    Sufffering is such a cruel and universal human experience. A vicious circle of the mind, at one moment taking us to the depths of despair, the next filling us with anger, fear, and rage. Its grip seemingly endless, even decades after an event. Recounted again and again in sleepless nights of brain racing, dramatic repeative conversations about the cruel unfairness of it all and an emotional playback button that surfaces instantly when brought to mind. Like all of the Revelations before it, I’ve no doubt that this too will bring a healing salve to the layers of wounds that run so deep in collective and individual human consciousness.

    Thank you dearest Messenger, Patricia, Reed and The Society for enduring the long years of suffering it has required to bring this great Anitdote to the human family. This Gift of Revelation has given me the truest desire of my heart and fulfilled the deepest need of my soul, as it continues to heal and relieve the suffering of my heart.

    May the Power of Knowledge and those who have experienced its Gifts, now spread this Message and its many blessings to all who are able to receive it.

  5. ray, ... Posted on August 11, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    ” …. in the study of Steps to Knowledge, you learn to be still—not so you can get information, not so you can have the winning number, not so you can be more clever and more cunning in life, but to experience the Presence.

    First, you will experience the presence of your Teachers standing around you, those who are sent to overlook your life and other lives. They exist beyond the physical realm, and you will experience their presence, which is very powerful. But that will lead you to a greater experience of Presence as your desire and capacity for the Presence increases.”

    The New Message From God

    Nasi Novare Coram

  6. Betty Willems Posted on August 11, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    Thank you for sharing the accounts of receiving the ‘Suffering’, one of the many signs that we have not been forgotten in the world. May the New Message reach many far and beyond and may it open the hearts of people. with gratitude – Nasi Novare Coram

  7. Rosa Muratore Posted on August 12, 2017 at 12:40 am

    With deep love and gratitude to Marshall for receiving the Revelation – Suffering.
    One of the hardest things to face is our own suffering…we tend to push it away.
    Now we have to look at it, we must, it is time.
    As we move to lead ourselves forward, a greater power will assist, so that a life of inspiration, clarity and true purpose is possible.
    To look without coming to conclusions is so difficult but so necessary.
    We are reminded that the work continues. Stillness of mind, stillness of body, inner listening, so that we will be able to give something beautiful back to the world. How wonderful. Thank you.

  8. Hardev Sidhu Posted on August 12, 2017 at 9:41 am

    Thank you Marshall for receiving another revelation and Patricia for communicating this after glow with the world wide community of the NM. My deep gratitude to all who make this possible.

    I am deeply moved by the theme of this Revelation, “Suffering”. The Buddha locates suffering at he heart of the world. Existence is suffering and the Buddha sought the answer to the question, “Why do pain and suffering exist?” Now God has spoken again through the Angelic Assembly and Marshall on this theme and I look forward to this new revelation on “Suffering” given at this time for all humanity.

    Nasi Novre Coram.

  9. Jim Brennan Posted on August 12, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    I would like to thank the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers, his wife Patricia, their son Reed and the Society of the New Message for giving us a glimpse on what suffering entails and all each has done to bring these teachings into the world! For me suffering is a part of life. This we all can experience each day of our lives in one capacity or another. Yet, the deeper currents of ones life, the Mystery of life, the Presence in and around us all are a part of this as well. I would always ask questions since I was a boy on why do people suffer, what is this life for, is this all there is to life, there has got to be more to life than what I see and am experiencing etc.. I think we have all asked these questions with no understanding in site. Now I understand more because of the New Message from God. That life does have tremendous value for in this value is purpose, That I/we are here to meet specific people, do specific things and serve and contribute to a world in desperate need. Now I know that idealism fortifies my condemnation, the judgments I make of others I am bonded to and that I cannot love a world and others naturally if I can not accept the world and others as they are. There is so much to the New Message from God that can never be exhausted and if I give of myself to my practice of understanding and exploring what it contains and begin to apply it in my life I am blessed beyond words. Going up the mountain of life with the New Message takes tremendous work and discipline,it is not for the faint of heart. However, in being a part of the New Message its curriculum from the Divine and giving all of myself to it there are tremendous gifts that await and as I give of myself I receive these gifts which are the most important gifts one could possibly have. It is life giving full of vitality and love from Heaven. For me to feel the will of Heaven I must experience the suffering of the world. For experiencing both there is contrast. And contrast for me through experience is a great teacher. To find the New Message taking it all in and holding it in my heart is worth any suffering I experience. I am here in this world with the gift of life from the Creator of all life. What I do with this life is my gift to God and to the world. I could have never experienced this and what I do each and every day with a new perspective on life if it were not for finding The New Message from God or it finding me. Thank you dear Messenger for staying with the calling from Heaven. It has blessed the world. The courage and self discipline to do that is beyond me yet it is a part of me now as it is a part of others lives who have found it as well who are doing the work necessary for a new life to emerge. Blessings to you Marshall, Patricia, Reed and the Society! We have found this because of all of you! Nasi Novare Coram

  10. Maria Mazhary Posted on August 13, 2017 at 6:32 am

    This afterglow , giving us a glimpse into Marshall’s experience of receiving the revelation on suffering, may have been the most impactful for me to date. These words from Marshall: “I asked and prayed, ‘What would you have of me?’ and I heard,’Receive Our communication’…opened up a window in my heart: “What would you have of me?”…I ask something very similar almost every day…but somehow hearing the Messenger having asked these words and in this context, changed something crucial inside of me…beyond words…and later Marshall’s words: “The New Message says at first their is emptiness, the Presence that is always there, waiting for us to respond. In this way ,welcome emptiness. Encourage emptiness. Set aside things for emptiness. This is why we practice in Steps to Knowledge, in part to create this emptiness so that the presence can fill us.” Yes I realize , how important this reminder is. I must set aside more time for emptiness,not just in my practice on the meditation pillow…but in my life. Thank you Marshall, Patricia and the Summer’s family, the Society for your generosity, for making it possible for us to experience the miracle in our midst so intimately…a gift beyond my comprehension…may we receive it with all of our being, and respond with all of our being.

  11. Jennie Posted on August 13, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    I woke up in the middle of the night and found the email with the message of the new refelation on suffering. Hearing Marshall speak I felt the stillness.
    This is a great gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  12. Janice Stevenson Posted on August 13, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    As in everything I read from the Messenger and the New Message Revelations, I can feel my heart opening up a little bit more. I have certainly carried suffering in my heart thinking I needed to close my heart off to protect it from more suffering. Now I see that suffering is meant to open our hearts so we can feel the suffering of the world and realize we are not alone. And then it becomes an opportunity to participate with the world in the compassionate relieving of our collective suffering and thus the opening of the world’s great heart. With the New Message in the world, this can come to pass. Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed…Nasi Novare Coram

  13. Steve Smith Posted on August 14, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    To Marshall, Patricia and Reed with sincerity and humility, I’m so very grateful for what you are making possible for all of us that follow now and in the future.

    These mysterious puzzle pieces are peculiar and perhaps unlike anything ever assembled and it is through you that we must count upon to learn the outline, discover the truth, follow the way and apply it to what lies ahead and beyond. I’m grateful you are among us.

    When I consider “suffering” it leads me to feel that in physical life we can’t really escape it, there always seems to be the presence of it, the weight of it, the experience of it personally or while being observed in others which perhaps affects us as well.

    May the gifts that we have been entrusted with to contribute to our human family, somehow reduce this condition, this circumstance, this “suffering”. May we be the gift and give.

    With reverence

    Nasi Novare Coram

  14. Keiko Murai Posted on August 27, 2017 at 9:58 am

    The mental environment of the world is changing really…day by day.Before I got an e-mail from the Society. I have been thinking about psychopathy. Today it is a big problem in our society.
    I feel that when our society evolves technologically, we lose the connection with God, nature and other animals on this planet.
    For example, the people who always use smartphone, they are quite isolated from the reality around them. They are usually very distracted as well, being dominated by the thinking mind.
    They are in deep separation state…

    As I read the e-mail, there is the comment from Patricia Summers.
    She says:
    …Without being optimistic per se, it feels that collectively there is greater awareness overall today. As the Allies advise us, the most important things are “Education, Awareness and Knowledge”.
    So this education is Steps to Knowledge.
    Awareness is already we have.
    Knowledge is the connection to all beings within the world and beyond,

    To have or reclaim Knowledge, we do need to study Steps to Knowledge seriously.
    To gain the true understanding and the connection to each other in the universe at large.

  15. Ray, ... .. . Posted on August 28, 2017 at 11:23 pm

    “If you can hear what We are telling you here today and you begin to think along these lines, you can begin a greater journey in life, beyond the ordinary, a life that will make you more simple, more powerful, more direct and more united within yourself.

    This will not happen all at once. Like setting out on any greater journey in life, you will stumble and wander at the outset. You will have good days and bad days, of course, but your heart will be relieved that you are finally responding.

    This then addresses the deepest level of suffering within you, …. the suffering of not fulfilling what you came here to do.”


    Nasi Novare Coram

    . .. …

  16. Dian Forcier Posted on September 11, 2017 at 4:27 pm

    I have spent my years on this planet questing; taking in the so called realities that have happened to me, and to others near and far away from me. Yes, suffering takes up a very large part of our existence. I doubt anyone actually enjoys suffering, but to understand its place and why it happens makes it easier to accept. I am a “why” girl. (Why did my mom die? Why do beautiful innocent creatures get used, abused and slaughtered without another thought once they’re gone? Why are humans so self centered? Why are we here? Why be born to just die, unnoticed? What’s the significance of all this misery and suffering? Why do I (we) even have to experience so much suffering in a world that is so incredibly beautiful, so interesting and full of wonder? Why oh why, can’t we all live happily ever after? And most of all, why doesn’t anyone really know the answers???
    One day I was photographing a sunset, and to my surprise, I had unknowingly photographed some UFO’s. I did not realize that those pictures would miraculously lead me to the teachings of Marshall Vian Summers; and the answers to my endless query’s.
    I have finally found what I have been looking for in my lifes’ quest. I, at long last, feel the purpose of my life. No where else have I been offered an understanding of a much greater purpose, of the importance of knowledge, than I have through the hard work of Marshall and his family and the Society of The New Message From God.
    Thank you all, from the bottom of my soul, for helping me to understand things I didn’t think anyone here on earth could know. You all have changed my life and given me direction. I want to be a part of helping others to move forward into knowledge, when I am ready. I Love All of You, and thank you again for helping me to learn. Life is precious; we are all One. I am happiest when I am learning.
    Gratefully, Dian

  17. Tony Casillas Posted on April 20, 2018 at 8:08 am

    I’ve been suffering since four years old when I got run over by a lady with her car. I am 33 years old today and suffering from chronic pain in my legs and lower back with no Medicaid or income for myself. to support myself in anyway. I feel like I have failed at life and i am being neglected by my very own family. I wish I was happy and receiving the love that I am supposed to be receiving. I feel like giving up sometimes because I don’t know what to do anymore! God please save me! I am crying out for help please!

  18. Prem Lulla Posted on November 1, 2019 at 9:51 am

    I am filled with tears reading the above account of Marshall. No words can describe the immense contribution his messages have made in life. Hope many people will experience the inner space of stillness and be able to face the winds of change with courage and resilience and come out with the glow from inner space!

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