Receiving ‘Courage’

Receiving ‘Courage’

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An Afterglow Accounting from Patricia Summers:

The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers receives


on August 9, 2015, in Boulder, CO.


August 10, 2015

A Message to the Worldwide Community of the New Message:

To all,

The revelation “Courage” was received Sunday, August 9th, by the Messenger.

You are amongst the first to know this.

Marshall awoke at 5:45 am on this quiet Sunday morning feeling a great Presence and weight.

At 7:30 am, he came into the room and in a very determined manner said,

“I am being called.”

In that moment, no matter what, it is a “drop everything” situation. However we are feeling in the moment or whatever we were planning for the day, all that is swept away as the Presence grows in the environment and as our sense of reality shifts somehow.

In the next few minutes, we prepared. Phones were turned off. Clocks and beeping watches transferred to another room. Windows were closed and window shades dropped, just before seeing for a split second the glistening morning light. Recording devices were queued, microphones adjusted. We brewed a certain type of tea that helps to keep the Messenger’s throat and mouth from critically drying out in the process of continually speaking the Voice for whatever duration of time it might take for the Assembly to communicate their revelation.

A brief message was sent to The Society at 7:50 am.

“ Good morning everyone. Marshall has been called and is about to receive on this beautiful, serene morning. He is seated and about to begin.”

Moments later the Voice of Revelation began to speak with crystal clarity.

“People do not understand what courage really means and what it must serve. To be courageous in serving one’s wishes, beliefs, one’s grievances, to risk oneself for these things, cannot really be courage.

It all comes down to what you serve, who you serve, why you serve.

It is what you serve here that makes all the difference.
What do you serve?
And is this service constructive? Is it life giving? What do you protect? And what are you willing to destroy? What you serve makes all the difference, so what do you serve?

The world demonstrates courage in service to so many things—people’s lives being forfeited, people’s lives being risked, people’s lives being used as weapons of war, as tools of the state or some kind of ideological movement, creating ever more grievance, death and destruction.

We are talking about something much more courageous, much more challenging and much more meaningful. There is no courage in being a believer unless your belief is based upon a deeper Knowledge. There is no courage in falling in line with others for social acceptance or for benefit of some kind. There is no courage in throwing your life in the fray of war. You are just a statistic, just a tombstone in a field of tombstones, or a body left rotting in the desert somewhere. Nothing furthered, nothing served.”

Our son Reed and I watched Marshall sitting almost motionless with the exception of the occasional gestures of his hands and arms.

At times, his fists were clenched to his chest.
Other times, his hands were held in front of him, overlapping and holding each other.

In one instance, he placed his fingers above his eyebrows and later to his temples, all while the Voice was speaking.

The Voice spoke repeatedly to the necessity of our facing ourselves, stepping away from the shadows of our minds, and that service is about yielding to a Greater Power. Courage, redefined.

“You must do all the work to bring your life together and to keep yourself focused here and to step away from the shadows of your mind that pull you into behaviors and fantasies and fear. You must become committed and dedicated. And you must have determination and self-determination. This requires courage: to face yourself, to face your circumstances and then to face your world, with clarity and objectivity.”

Marshall’s eyes always closed, his hands clenched again to his chest with emphasis,

“You must have the courage to begin a journey not of your own making.

Here you must have the courage to step away from those things that you have compromised yourself with—people, places and things that do not represent your destiny.

Here you must have courage to find courage.

Here you must have real courage to journey out of this jungle of confusion and the great faith that that which leads you is your destiny and your purpose.

Eventually courage will not mean anything to you. It will simply be how you live your life.…

You have a commitment to God and to those who sent you into the world—your Spiritual Family. That is your first commitment, and with that is the service to Knowledge within you that God has put there…”

And as the Messenger sat there devotedly, ever present to his Source, the Voice spoke of the prior Messengers as well.

“It comes down to what you serve. If you are to serve God, you must serve that which you cannot understand.

The great Messengers have emphasized the qualities of this service: humility, compassion, forgiveness, dedication, intention, acceptance.”

And the final words reverberated,

“It all depends on what you serve, who you serve and why you serve.”

Marshall sat silently for several minutes, then looked up.
Minutes later he spoke of his experience of receiving this revelation.

“Today I received a teaching called Courage which has to do with what we serve and why we serve and who we serve.

I was awoken early this morning, a beautiful morning here in Colorado. I was going to go out and walk, but the Presence was with me. And the Presence grew stronger, and stronger. Realizing I was being called, I asked if I could know the theme of the teaching, as this helps me to prepare and become relaxed. And I heard the word ‘Courage’ repeated, ‘Courage.’

And I felt that courage is something I am going to need to carry the New Message into the world—a divided, conflicted world, a world of religious oppression and misunderstanding.

I know this to be true, but I also know that it takes courage, and this courage must come from a well within us and within me.

Now, having heard this recording, or at least little parts of it that I can remember, and having followed the Voice as it wove around this amazing tapestry of connecting things together, I can see how important it is to understand these things correctly.

Before the teaching began, I felt how strongly connected I am to the Assembly, that while personally I may want things that other people want, and want or expect certain things from life, my anchor, my lifeline, is to the Assembly. They are my Community, fundamentally. And that enables me to have courage… and power… and patience… and compassion… and love.

So I hope that this revelation will speak of these things to you and spark a deeper commitment and movement in your life, for this teaching is meant to reach many people and plant the seeds for those who are not yet ready, and to give the impetus for those who are.

May it be so.”

Moments later, the message went out to The Society at 8:30 am that the revelation had been received,

“Finished. ‘Courage,’ 36 minutes: 16 seconds

A wave of fatigue right now.
We are headed out into the sunshine and the fields to get restored.

Oh, it’s as if a raging river just ran through this place, and through Marshall, with the utter intention to sweep so much away, age-old notions of things like courage. A new courage is being proclaimed in the world.

May the waves and the currents and the storm surges of Heaven’s waters cleanse this world of these old notions that have fixed us in place and have distorted our sense of ourselves in our attempts to evolve as a race. May the refreshing and cleansing waters of Heaven clear the landscape enough and give us a new basis for going forward.”

Nasi Novare Coram,

Patricia Summers

“Eventually, courage will not mean anything to you. It will simply be how you live your life…”
– The Voice of Revelation

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