Receive the Power, Grace and Compassion of the New Revelation

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You cannot be anchored in the past and understand the Revelation of the future. You cannot be adamant about your religious views and comprehend how God will speak again and why God has spoken again and what it will mean for you and for others. Your heart cannot be closed, or you will not hear and you will not see. And you must love humanity enough to value such a Revelation and to learn to live according to what it teaches and to receive the power that it provides, the Grace and the compassion that it emphasizes.

The Messenger is facing a very hazardous journey ahead, for there will be much resistance to the New Revelation, as there has always been great resistance in the past to God’s Revelations in the world, whenever and wherever they were given. He will not be speaking in every town. He will not be present at every event. He will only speak here and there, but his Message will be broadcast to the world, and the Revelation will be presented to the world with its own commentary, its own directives, its own clarification. It is not something that will be left up to future scholars and individuals to interpret, to comment upon, for that has proven to be hazardous and unfortunate in the past.

That is why the Revelation is so explicit and so repetitive. That is why it is so clarifying, to minimize the possibility of human error, misperception and misunderstanding.

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