Revelation Prologue

Revelation Prologue

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Hear the Revelation Prologue:

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“That which is sacred has no form.
It is not a book. It is not a place.
It is not an idol. It is not an object.
It is not a story.” – The Sacred Experience

The prophetic message you are about to hear is part of a great communication from the Divine. It is the New Message from God for our time. The New Message is contained within a series of sacred texts which address nearly every aspect of our lives. Many of these texts can be found at, home of the New Message. There you will also find important messages from Marshall Vian Summers, the individual who is receiving this great gift for humanity.

The New Message from God is not part of any existing religious tradition. It comes anew with God’s blessing and intention for humanity at this time and for the times to come. The New Message is here to bring confirmation to your soul, resolution to your mind and direction to your life. Yet be prepared, the New Message may challenge many of your beliefs and assumptions and the beliefs and assumptions of your culture. It is appropriate that a New Message from God would do so.

– Patricia Summers




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