About the Process of Translation of the Revelation

The Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, has been receiving a New Message from God since 1983. The New Message from God is the largest Revelation ever given to humanity, given now to a literate world of global communication and growing global awareness. It is not given for one tribe, one nation or one religion alone, but instead to reach the entire world. This has called for translations into as many languages as possible.

The process of Revelation is now being revealed for the first time in history. In this remarkable process, the Presence of God communicates beyond words to the Angelic Assembly that oversees the world. The Assembly then translates this communication into human language and speaks all as one through their Messenger, whose voice becomes the vehicle for this greater Voice—the Voice of Revelation. The words are spoken in English and directly recorded in audio form, then transcribed and are made available in the texts and audio recordings of the New Message. In this way, the purity of God’s original Message is preserved and can be given to all people.

Yet there is a process of translation as well. Because the original Revelation was delivered in the English language, this is the basis for all translations into the many languages of humanity. Because there are many languages spoken in our world, translations are vitally needed to bring the New Message to people everywhere.

Students of the New Message have come forward over time to volunteer to translate the Message into their native languages.

At this time in history, The Society cannot afford to pay for translations in so many languages and for such a vast Message, a Message that has to reach the world with critical urgency. Beyond that, The Society also believes that it is important for our translators to be students of the New Message to understand and experience, as much as possible, the essence of what is being translated.

Given the urgency and need to share the New Message throughout the world, we invite further translation assistance to extend the reach of the New Message into the world, bringing more of the Revelation into languages in which translation has already started and introducing new languages as well. In time, we also seek to improve the quality of these translations. There is still so much to be done.