Prepare for the Greater Community

Prepare for the Greater Community

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As has occurred in your world in your own history, the first to reach the new lands are the explorers and the conquerors. They do not come for altruistic reasons. They come seeking power, resources and dominion. This is the nature of life. If humanity were well versed in Greater Community affairs, you would resist any visitation to your world unless a mutual agreement had been established previously. You would know enough not to allow your world to be so vulnerable.

At this time, there is more than one collective competing for advantage here. That places humanity in the middle of a very unusual and yet enlightening set of circumstances. That is why the messages of the visitors will often seem inconsistent. There has been conflict amongst them, yet they will negotiate with each other should mutual benefit be recognized. However, they are still in competition. To them, this is the frontier. To them, you are only valued as being useful. If you are no longer recognized as being useful, you will simply be discarded.

Here there is a great challenge for the people of your world and particularly for those who are in positions of power and responsibility to recognize the difference between a spiritual presence and a visitation from the Greater Community. Yet how can you have the framework to make this distinction? Where can you learn such things? Who in your world is in the position to teach about the reality of the Greater Community? Only a teaching from beyond the world can prepare you for life beyond the world, and life beyond the world is now in your world, seeking to establish itself here, seeking to extend its influence, seeking to win the minds and hearts and souls of people everywhere. It is so simple. And yet so devastating.

Passage from The Allies of Humanity, Book One, Third Briefing

Engage in a teaching from beyond to prepare for the beyond… Join the Free School to participate in: “Preparing for the Greater Community.”

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  1. Michael D. Howard Posted on July 3, 2013 at 12:42 pm

    Spiritual presence verse physical visitation:

    The Allies message here is spot on. The illustrative example of earth’s recent historical perspective of European conquest of the New World, through the use of manipulation via claims of they represent god (lower case letter “g”). This followed by conquest/subjugation. Movies are often good metaphors for life. “Hawaii (1956) and “The Mission (1986) are highly illustrative of the techniques.

    The true of universal Goodness on a Spiritual level always manifest. It is built on a universal construct where there no shades of Gray. “By their fruit you will know them” , Matt 7:16. First get knowledge so that you know God verses evil and the fruits manifest from each. Then people will not be fooled by the Emissary and their earthly “familiars” (the spiting image from the “Blade movies) from the Greater Community.

    My assumption is that our religions traditions are seeded by ET’s; their past visit left us Mohammad, Jesus and the whole current religious Pantheon. That means the construct by which humanity will view the Greater Community will not be based on True Spiritual Wisdom/Knowledge. But instead on the false “conquer gods” that ET’s have seeded in their past endeavors on earth. Of course with a view towards their future endeavors. They drew from Universal concepts of right verses wrong but like the European religious conquest it was not meant for good. A form of Godliness, but not the “True Spirit” there-in

    Humanities view is built therefore a bad, on sinking sand, foundation. Even the Bible tells you when the storm comes everything built on it will wash away (Luke 6:49 ). You must build your foundation of the Bedrock of true Knowledge/ i.e. Godly inspired Wisdom (see Proverbs 4 “Get Wisdom”). My self I could never follow any god who is into “blood sports ” with humanity. First tip off Knowledge wise.

    PS. For those who wish to follow Christianity remember its foundation is built on the immediate murder by Constantine cohorts of millions including the murders of Gnostic’s. It does not mean however that their is not a lot meaningful teaching about Goodness and true spirituality. You just need to get knowledge to distinguish true right from wrong.

    • M Posted on July 8, 2013 at 7:56 am

      Michael ,who seeded ET religions or who created them ? Don’t underestimate humans capabilities -we have all required knowledge already -and we are not left alone – knowledge its not lost -but most of us don’t use it(including myself) -we are too lazy or too ocupied with other things in life. Humans might be very advanced -even more advanced than ET in spiritual context -and that is enough to have solid advance in overall competition. Don’t think that our religions were seeded by ET , this is too complex task for ET – they can not make such big influence – not on such big scale – they can make influences also interventions , but on much much smaller scale – they can influence 10 -100 people but not more than that , our religions have biliions of folowers – that should give you estimate who is bechind of that . ET 100 -1000 persons maximum ,higher force – God (capital letter) -bilions ….You need to learn to distuingish different influences ,not to be mistaken whom you are following ..belong ….put your faith in… I like this site has some explanations i miss , but i can not yet verify all the info myself.

  2. M Posted on July 3, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    I know this is very complex subject – ones can ridicule others for believing about things they think is only fantasy and can not be true.But people starting to believe to strange things, when they witness themselves them and others know that they don’t lie.I always was surprised about certain things, and only explanation I could have that these friends can not be humans, but from other hand I also believe we humans have unlimited possibilities to evolve and do things about what current man only can dream about.So if ones from above can do that, we humans also can, its only problem that we don’t have urgent need to evolve and we are happy what we are.If circumstances will change,we will be able to compete with more advanced minds, currently there is no need for that.

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