A Prayer for Libya

A Prayer for Libya

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Hear the Messenger’s Prayer for Libya:

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As spoken by God’s Messenger
Marshall Vian Summers
in Boulder, Colorado

“A Prayer for the Freedom Loving People of the World” – 03:38
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As the struggles for freedom emerge around the world, let us give our support and our blessings and encouragement to the peoples of Libya, who are rising up against their brutal and repressive regime, to claim their essential and long-denied freedoms.

I pray for them now, that they may be successful in their effort and that they may achieve their goals with a minimal loss of life and conflict.

I pray that they will not waver and I marvel at their courage and determination.

I pray for this spirit and passion in other peoples of the world who live under oppression and who have suffered greatly under the harshness of their conditions.

And I pray also for those who oppose them, for those who oppress them. I pray that you will have a change of heart. I pray that you will see that you are destroying your own life and the future of your nation. I pray that your heart will be open to those who risk their lives on the streets of your cities. I pray that you will welcome them and join them and recognize that their need is your need. Their future is your future.

I pray for the combatants, that they may have a change of heart and recognize that they serve one end and have the courage to forge that union and that shared determination.

I pray that freedom will grow and with it responsibility and service to one’s nation and community.

And I pray that for all in the world who are watching these great and seminal events, that we too will see that we must have the courage to advocate for the greater freedoms that we hold dear and to never take for granted the freedoms that we may already possess, for they too were won as a result of great struggle and sacrifice.

I pray that our hearts and our minds may be with the people of Libya at this moment and with other peoples in the times to come, whose struggle for freedom is so very courageous and so very needed in a world that grows darker every day.

May the power and the presence of the Creator be amongst you.
And may the power of Knowledge that resides in your heart be the source of your strength, determination and compassion.

And may you never cease your efforts, as the world watches and learns from you.