A Prayer for Japan

A Prayer for Japan

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Hear the Messenger’s Prayer for Japan:

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As spoken by God’s Messenger
Marshall Vian Summers
on March 12, 2011
in Boulder, Colorado

“A Prayer for the Freedom Loving People” – 02:00
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At this time of great trial and destruction, I pray for the people of Japan. I pray that their courage and endurance will arise to meet the critical situation they are facing.

I pray that whatever differences exist amongst them and between them will be set aside so that young and old, they can provide assistance and comfort wherever it is needed.

It is in times like this that a nation becomes stronger and more united. People recognize their common need and goals and I pray that this recognition will come to many people in Japan and many people around the world.

I pray that those of us who watch Japan from afar will feel compassion and empathy for the people there and recognize that catastrophic events can happen to any of us, that we are not immune from the powers of nature, that our life can change in a moment.

I pray that we will look upon this and learn of this and realize the need for our own strength. I pray that we will be present to their suffering and their need so that we may feel that and send that to them.

I pray that their tragedy will evoke a greater response in us, a greater compassion, a greater recognition of the unity of humanity and the common need of humanity—those things which unite us and bring us closer together.

I pray that people around the world will find the source of their strength, the greater Knowledge that lives within them and that these events, though tragic and disheartening, will call forth that power and that presence within them, to remind them that they too are here to serve a world in need and that all of us have this greater strength and power living within us, waiting to be discovered.

I pray that Japan will find the strength and the unity amongst its people to restore itself and to rebuild its cities and communities.

And I pray for those in need and those who are suffering and injured, that they will find comfort and assistance, regardless of their social position in society.

And I pray that Knowledge within myself and within others will guide us to give and to provide whatever we can to meet the needs of those who live in the nation of Japan.

May the power and the presence of Knowledge be with us and in us and may we be with it, so that we can respond to the world with strength and courage in the spirit of service and contribution.