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God Has Spoken Again is the beginning of a New Message from God for humanity. In the pages and chapters of this book, God is speaking to humanity anew, proclaiming a warning, a blessing and a preparation for a new world reality, clarifying the reality of God’s Presence and providing a Divine answer to the growing crises of war, environmental destruction, religious conflict, human suffering and poverty now escalating across the world.

This is a New Message from God. It is not for one tribe, nation or religious group alone. It is a living communication from God to the heart of every man, woman and child on Earth for these times and for the times to come. It is an original communication from the Divine Presence that watches over the world and has guided humanity since time immemorial.

Though it appears to be a book in the hand, God Has Spoken Again is something far greater. It is the beginning of a living communication from God to you. Within this book, God’s Presence calls to you and to all people, calling down the ancient corridors of your mind, to the spiritual presence that lives within you. This is a Message of enduring beauty, strength and power for the restoration of all who can receive it. For God knows what is coming for the world, and God knows why you and all others have been sent into the world at this time to prepare for a future that will be unlike the past.

God Has Spoken Again is the first book of Volume 1 of The New Message from God.

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Rozdział 1: Proklamacja

Rozdział 2: Recytacja

Rozdział 3: Zaangażowanie

Chapter 4: God Has Spoken Again

Chapter 5: The Seal of the Prophets

Chapter 6: The Mission of the Messenger

Chapter 7: The Initiation

Rozdział 8: Błogosławieństwo

Chapter 9: Living at a Time of Revelation

Rozdział 10: Zgromadzenie

Chapter 11: God’s New Message for the World

Chapter 12: God Is Moving Humanity in a New Direction

Chapter 13: The World Must Receive God’s New Message

Chapter 14: The Calling