About Volume 1

Volume One of the New Message from God contains God’s essential Revelation for the world at this time. Here begins a new communication from the heart of God to the world of humanity.
In the seven books of Volume One, God proclaims God’s New Revelation for the world and the great need for God’s Revelation at this time and in the times to come.

The books of Volume One reveal the greater reality of life, of the world and of the Greater Community of life in the universe. This greater reality is being revealed in the world for the first time in human history. Volume One warns us of the great dangers and pressing needs facing the world now and in the future. With this, it calls each of us to reclaim and express the undiscovered spiritual power which lives at the heart of humanity.

Volume One first presents God Has Spoken Again, which opens the door to the New Message from God for all people in the world. Following God Has Spoken Again, Volume One presents the books of The One God and The New Messenger, further revealing the nature of God, God’s Plan to end the Separation and the presence of the Angelic Assembly and its Messengers. Volume One then presents the books The Greater Community, The New Life and The New World which open before us a new reality of life in our world and our destiny in the universe beyond. Volume One ends with the book The Pure Religion, which calls each person to the living presence of God in their lives.

The books of Volume One contain the original spoken Revelations received by the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers. The Messenger has been directed by the Source of the New Message to gather the revelations of the New Message into the sacred books of Volume 1 of God’s New Message.

The Library of The New Message

Volume 1