People Will Complain

People Will Complain

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Some people will complain, ‘Well, they do not give us answers. They do not tell us dates and facts and figures and locations.’ That is not what is important. It is the understanding, the perspective, the higher consciousness that are critically important. Who cares where the Allies come from?

The names of their worlds would be meaningless to you. You are not going to be able to go there for so long! Certainly not in your lifetime. The Allies are providing what is important for you to know about the Greater Community and about the Intervention. They are telling you who is here, why they are here and what they are doing. They are pointing the way to what must be done to counteract this Intervention, which includes the development of Greater Community awareness and a higher consciousness…

Some will say, ‘These Allies don’t even tell us their names or how they got here.’ This is stupidity! If God sends an emissary, do you deny the emissary because he does not answer trivial questions? God has sent the Allies here to help educate humanity and to warn humanity of the grave risks that it faces at this time. Is this going to be denied because some trivial information is not provided?

Passage from The Allies of Humanity, Book Two, Second Briefing

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  1. rosemary schroeder Posted on July 31, 2013 at 9:11 am

    If the mission of the Allies is to get us to appreciate with knowledge our beginnings, why we are here and what attributes we should concentrate on…..that is good. Our compassion for others, for truth, honesty, care and love of our fellow human beings is what makes us the “humans” we are, or can/should be. THAT is our “power.” However, seeing how many of us have this power against forces with power over and beyond us, is daunting. There have to be better ways, or let’s say, more “proof” and help to make decisions and take actions that lean towards the goal of a peaceful, smart, able society on this planet. VERY difficult to prove anything, do anything against the elite forces. We waste much man-power, energy, effort to do the “right” thing…..we need more positive direction that actions we take are useful and worth it. We’re only…..”human.”. Thnaks…..

  2. H.r.reddy Posted on July 31, 2013 at 10:06 am

    I am going through the posts though briefly and I am a HINDU and have full faith in the spirituality which endorses all beingbs are equal to be treated equally whichnI am following. Pain is experienced by every organism expressed in different forms. Because of articulation man can express intelligently for others to understand..With this I feel GOD knows about everything. Why man thinks and acts that he is owner of all the things made for him to enjoy. Why people fight for possessions and kill,each other and also kill many for his pleasure. Whether GOD descriminates the doings and awards reward or punishment accordingly. Is it necessary to follow a faith and act accordinglym in spite of certain practiceses unnatural.? Is theirvanynrelation between UFO s and THEVALLIES? Now MAN IS TRYINGNTO,TAILOR INDIVIDUALS TO,HIS LIKINGNUSING EUGENIC TECHNOLOGY. How far it is right for EXISTANCE of peaceful,world?

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