Pacification and Conflict

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The Intervention is pacifying certain populations—the young people, the educated, those who are spiritually inclined, those who could not be encouraged to wage war or conflict against others.

Those who could be the greatest emissaries for the Intervention will be pacified and directed. They will believe in the new leadership. They will believe that the Intervention is here to save a struggling and declining humanity.

Those who cannot be pacified can be encouraged to engage in their ancient animosities and their distrust of their neighbors, and to fortify their resistance and hostility towards their historic enemies. Lands can be contested. Resources will be contested increasingly.

Even within nations, there will be groups who will arise, who will seek to destabilize and overtake those nations. Many groups will be governed by religious ideology, governed not only by the defaults of human nature, but also by the influence and guidance exerted by the Intervention itself.

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