Overlapping Patterns of Evolution

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Overlapping Patterns of Evolution

You have overlapping two different kinds of patterns. You have the pattern of evolution that humanity is just beginning to comprehend, and then you have a pattern of evolution regarding awareness and spirituality that has been set in motion and is supported by Unseen Spiritual Forces wherever intelligent life exists. One seems random and chaotic; the other is organized and purposeful.

It depends upon the level of understanding and the level of reality which you will consider. Someone who is only looking at the physiological and biological patterns of existence will see the evolutionary track. They will see the aspects of evolution that are beginning to be understood within your own world.

This pattern will seem variable and chaotic, without any notion of intelligent design behind it. But overlapping this, there is an evolutionary pattern of intelligent design, an evolution for intelligent races towards self-awareness and the discovery of Knowledge. This is a source of great confusion amongst the scientists of your world and indeed the scientists of many worlds.

You have overlapping realities here. They are functioning in the same environment. One is discernible through your senses. The other is discernible through a deeper sense within you. One is visible and tangible. The other is invisible, but so very present. You, therefore, need to allow for this seeming contradiction of these two overlapping realities to exist in order to appreciate and to begin to comprehend the nature of God’s work in the universe.

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