Our visionaries are discarded, ignored or villified

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Those who have resources will have to share them by sending them abroad to starving peoples and to areas of the world that are in great crises. The humanitarian effort will be immense and almost unimaginable by today’s standards. Wealthier nations will have to receive the people who are escaping areas that have been devastated or where sufficient food production can no longer take place. The areas of the world where humanity will be able to live will shrink, forcing millions of people to move elsewhere and to resettle.

This is so different from the fantasies and the imagination of human societies today—building ever grander cities, building ever faster conveyances, building ever more remarkable personal conveniences and luxuries. Such foolishness. So blind. So reckless. So ignorant and so unintelligent. These forces are pushing humanity further and further towards the edge of collapse, pushing humanity to overuse the world even more—heedless of the signs that many thresholds have already been passed.

Those who are visionary and who can see what is coming over the horizon are condemned as being negative, as being unspiritual or as doomsday people. Your visionaries are discarded, ignored or vilified while everyone continues to devastate the world, to deplete its resources and to diminish its future possibilities.

From Chapter 9: The Great Waves Prophecy

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