Our Names Must Remain Hidden

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We are not the visitors. We are observers. We claim no rights to your world, and we have no agenda to establish ourselves here. For this reason, our names are hidden, for we do not pursue relations with you beyond our ability to provide our counsel in this way.

We are nearby. Our purpose is noble and worthy and guided by a greater Source. Those of us who are gathered for this purpose would be tortured and destroyed if found. And our worlds would come under greater scrutiny and tremendous pressure, and our contracts guaranteeing our autonomy would be threatened and challenged.

This would be grave for our leadership. Therefore, we act with the greatest secrecy. That is why we do not describe our appearance. That is why we do not give our names, describe our worlds or tell you where our worlds reside. It is of the utmost importance to us that these things remain secret. We have not even revealed them to our contact here on Earth. Nor would we do so. For any human mind can be interfered with, and its understanding can be extracted by those intervening forces in the world now. Any information we provide to you will fall into the hands of your adversaries.

Your trust in our counsel must come from a deeper understanding. It is not information you need as much as perspective. If you cannot see the situation clearly, what good is having more information? If you cannot know the truth in your own heart, what will the information provide for you? You need a little information. You need a lot of perspective. And you need a lot of courage.

We cannot control the outcome. We can only advise you as to the choices and decisions that your people must make in light of these greater events.

The Allies of Humanity

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  1. Michael D. Howard Posted on May 1, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    Should the Allies of Humanity fear ? :

    I for one am not worried about the threat from the greater community for 2 primary reasons: (1) DNA & historical records show their claims of being our progenitors along with writing & science are bogus (2) and they can’t figure out with their advanced so called technology who the helpers of humanity(contact source group for Allies) are means they are not capable of very much that I should be concerned with.

    I have not been in the outer World unless I am an unknowing Walk-In. That being said If the Allies fear being found out by the so called Greater Community I think you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Find a light saber and a Jedi Knight. To put it in Biblical terms;Satan is worthy of caution but then God is more powerful or have we been lied to about that?

    I repeat here my prior contentions. Nothing is happening on the planet is worse than what Humanity experienced from the period of 1900 through 1947. War, whether, natural disaster or disease wise. Although I will admit that our planet is being Tara Farmed. But then we have willing submitted to that by nature of what we selected as leaders rather than selecting those who would have served us.

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