Humanity Must Adapt and Change

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You cannot stop the Great Waves of change. You can mitigate them and their impacts and you can prepare for them, but you cannot stop them now. If people cannot change, based upon their conscience and their vision of the world, then they will have to change in the face of demanding situations and crises. It is a poor way of learning, of course. It is a fool’s education, of course. But the education must happen because humanity must adapt to a world in change, to a declining world.

The poorer peoples of the world, what can they do now to prepare? They have no social power, no social mobility. They cannot simply pack up and move to a wealthy nation. They are stuck. They are held in place. So the responsibility lies with the wealthy peoples and the wealthy nations to lead the way. But even in the wealthy nations, there are few who can see. And people everywhere, rich or poor, are so often unwilling to reconsider their lives and to change their attitudes and approaches. It is a problem in human development.

Humanity will have to move to a different kind of equilibrium with life in the future, a different kind of stability in the world. The great question facing you is what will happen between now and then?

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