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We invite you to join with the Messenger, The Society and others from around the world in bringing to the world The One God, which is the second sacred book of Volume One of The New Message from God. The world must come to learn of this divine text, and those people who are called to it need to be able to find it and engage with its inspiration, wisdom and mystery.

The Society is sharing The One God as far and wide as possible. Here is what we’re doing:

Making this book available free online – both the text and original audio Voice.

Offering the print book at cost — $5/book, through the New Knowledge Library Store.

Offering The One God Podcast Audiobook for free on iTunes and via The New Message from God  – the original spoken Voice of all chapters of The One God book. To subscribe, search for ‘The One God’ on iTunes or on your podcast app, go to:

Bringing the Voice of Revelation to video. The Society is working to publish the Voice of Revelation and the voice of the Messenger in video form and share this with as many people as possible. Here are some examples of new videos created:

See new videos:

And more are on the way!

Sharing select passages from The One God in text and images on Facebook and Youtube and other platforms, and promoting these to new viewers. Already in the weeks since The One God was released, The Society has reached 632,200 people on Facebook, of which 163,296 people have liked, commented or shared what The Society has published.

See examples of The One God on Facebook:

The Society is sharing videos, photos and text of The One God across Facebook. See the new One God page on Facebook for a small example of what has been shared so far:



How can you support The One God Campaign?


With your donation directly to The One God Campaign, we can reach hundreds of thousands of people with the truth, mystery and revelation contained in The One God
Using the power of the global internet, a donation of just $100 allows The Society to present The One God to approximately 55,000 new people. This is an unparalleled time in the history of the world, when billions of people are online, are reachable and are searching for a new experience and awareness in their lives. With your help in the months ahead, The One God will be able to reach those who are truly looking for  it.
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Share The One God  book with others, bring it with you wherever you go and strike up a conversation, or leave a copy where others who would value this message can find it. However you see to share the book, please do so. The One God is available at cost for $5/book here.


In the weeks ahead, The Society will be releasing videos, photos and text selections from The One God on YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere. Re-share what The Society releases and add your own experience to the communication, either through an original post or a comment.

Download, re-post, share and comment on the photos and text published to the New Message Facebook page and The One God Facebook page. Share and comment on the videos of the Voice of Revelation being published to the New Message YouTube channel and the new Wisest Voice in the World page on Facebook.


Leave a review of the book on and iTunes. Blog about The One God on, Beliefnet, or other locations. Share your experience by commenting under news articles regarding God and religion. Express the valuable teachings and message of this book relative to your own experience of God that the New Message is giving you.


We would love to hear what is inspiring you about sharing The One God with the world. Get in touch with us at: [email protected]