Climate Change Prophecy


Great Waves PropheciesGreat Waves will strike the planet from every direction, increasing in intensity and frequency. Taken together, these Great Waves of Change will impact humanity more than the World Wars. This is not just one event affecting one nation, but a cascading series of perfect storms that will affect every nation on Earth:

CHANGING WEATHER: There will be great climate change, more violent weather & destructive weather events. Specifically:

  1. Coastal regions will be severely flooded
  2. The world’s geologic system will be thrown out of balance
  3. The planet will become warmer
  4. Violent weather everywhere

ECONOMIC & POLITICAL CRISES: Regional economies and some national economies will fail completely. Nations will be shaken by revolution. Governments will topple. Everyone will become poorer, and many will be destitute.

Prophecies for 2015 and beyondRESOURCES: We will be living in a declining world, with diminishing food, energy & water resources for an expanding human population; a world where ever growing numbers of people will be drinking from a slowly shrinking well. The world will lose 30% of its food production.

WAR: Humanity will face greater risks of religious conflict and war over gaining access to the remaining resources. As the competition for resources grows, nations will be tempted to go to war as a solution.

ENVIRONMENTAL COLLAPSE: Our environment will deteriorate further – oceans will become more acidic, more desertification, glaciers melting, forests dying, species disappearing. Large arid regions will become completely uninhabitable.

Climate and War RefugeesFOOD & WATER SHORTAGES: great shortages of food and water, and great starvation will occur in many parts of the world, even in parts of the wealthy nations. This will cause great migrations of people on a scale never seen before.

HUMAN MIGRATIONS: Millions of people will be forced to leave their homes and become environmental and war refugees. It will be on a scale never seen before. According to the U.N., more than 1 million people have already left their homes in the middle east due to war.

PANDEMICS: a great risk of pandemic illness will arise out of deteriorating conditions. Greater than the pandemics of the past, this will be.

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