New World Prophecies for 2019 and beyond…

Great Waves of Change-book cover


Great Waves will strike the planet from every direction, increasing in intensity and frequency. Taken together, these Great Waves of Change will impact humanity more than the World Wars. This is not just one event affecting one nation, but a cascading series of perfect storms that will affect every nation on Earth:

Learn the 4 specific prophecies about global climate change, some of which already has come true!

Plus, learn about the prophecies for economic change, political crises, resource depletion, war, pandemics, vast human migrations and food shortages.


Life in the UniverseThe world is emerging into a Greater Community of life in the universe. This is the greatest event in human history, our next evolutionary step, and humanity is unprepared.  Our isolation is over. We must unite and cooperate to face the Great Waves and preserve our world and human civilization in the face of competing races from beyond the world.

God wants us to know that in order for us to take our place in a Greater Community of worlds as a free and united race and contribute our gifts there, WE MUST:

Learn the 3 things that we must do to remain a free and united race in the Cosmos.


There is hidden extraterrestrial contact and influence happening on the planet. Forces from the universe who have been here for decades are secretly weaving themselves into human life. Human freedom and sovereignty are at stake.

God wants us to know that the human family can oppose this ET intervention and not be swayed by promises of peace and alien technology. God wants us to know we can and we must maintain our freedom. The New Message tells us how. We must become aware of the hidden Alien Invasion occurring in our world!

Learn the 4 fundamental activities Alien visitors are engaged in to influence our world.

What Can You Do to Prepare Yourself and your Greater Reality is found in KnowledgeFamily?

You have the inner strength to be a contributor not a victim in these coming times. God has put this strength within you, in the power of Knowledge, the deeper mind within you. But you must prepare. You must take the Steps to Knowledge. Remember: You were sent into the world to serve the world and these prophecies for 2023 and beyond…

A Prayer from the Messenger

These New World prophecies for 2023 and beyond were revealed by God’s Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers. Hear his prayer (below) that these warnings and blessings may be heard by all the people of the world.

The prophecies for 2023 and beyond reveal what our New World will look like. To prepare you for this New World, God’s New Message first must warn you. If you do not see the gravity of our situation, you will not recognize the significance of the prophecies. They are given with love from the Creator of all life for humanity’s survival and advancement.

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  1. John Herrem Posted on March 10, 2017 at 8:10 am

    well thank you for the insight here and I totally agree about the opposing them from the future. I do believe the next Universe is also here now and Jesus is also there

    • John Herrem Posted on March 10, 2017 at 8:11 am

      maybe not all from the future but I think I know what you mean

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