You Must Begin Somewhere

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Where are you right now? Who are you with, and what are you doing with them? What do you own, and is it giving you strength or taking strength away from you? What do you believe, and are your beliefs giving you clarity, or are they a replacement for Knowledge itself? Where is your time going? Where is your mind going? If you sit in meditation, what is concerning your mind? Where is your mind going? What problems is it solving?

The Great Waves of Change requires you to become objective about your life. And objectivity here is of central importance. Do not be swayed by the thought that you must be loving as opposed to being fearful, for that is all preferential thinking. It does not represent clarity of mind or real certainty at all. Do not fall into the trap of the dichotomy between being loving versus being fearful.

The objective here is to see clearly. The real dichotomy is whether you have wisdom or not, whether you are responsible or not, whether you are preparing for the future or not and whether you are seeing what is coming over the horizon of your life or not.

You must begin somewhere, and you must begin with where you are—not with what you want, or what you believe, or what you think will happen next, or your goals, or your ambitions or your dreams.

Passage from The Great Waves of Change.

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