The Messenger receives “The Temple”

The Messenger receives “The Temple”

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Patricia and MarshallTo the Worldwide Community of the New Message,

I would like you to know that on December 24th, 2013 at 1:00 PM Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger for the New Message from God, received a revelation entitled “The Temple”. I would like to share with you the story of how this revelation was received.

It was a bright, sunny but blustery day, with intermittent gusts of high winds. There were some sparkling snowflakes in the clear air, blown down from the mountains above. The temperature outside was a brisk 40°F or 4°C.

On a day when we presumed we would be resting, something began to build in the environment around Marshall Vian.

As the day proceeded, it was becoming more and more difficult for Marshall to accomplish simple tasks. He became irritable. His attention was being drawn somewhere else. It took time for him to realize this.

I had just finished my morning exercises and exertions. I was sitting in the living room downstairs with the sun streaming in. And I was absorbed, reading a major scientific article summarizing the world climate picture published just weeks ago on December 3, 2013. It contained comprehensive, accurate, and devastating news. The door opened upstairs.  Marshall stepped to the landing and said with some urgency, “Patricia, I am being called. Could you make me some tea for my throat, and come. Soon.”

After a moment or two, I wrestled myself out of my relaxed state and went upstairs. There I found Marshall preparing himself.

Our son Reed kindly brought him the cup of special tea he had requested. The house went all quiet, as the winds and gusts blew outside.

Then the Voice began. “Today we should speak of The Temple… What is The Temple but the place you come to unite with your Source?…”

From across the room and from where I sat, I could see that Marshall’s shoulders were uneven, his right shoulder drawn up and his left shoulder down as if some uneven weight was pressing upon him.

I watched Marshall as he received, eyes closed, the Voice speaking, with inflections and emphasis.  Initially he sat bowed and almost drawn into himself. And then, slowly, Marshall’s hands began to open before him, palms facing upward. This lasted for some time. The Voice continued and continued speaking through him.  He bowed his head and brought his hands together in a prayer gesture with the fingers of one hand leaning against the fingers of the other hand. This gesture lasted for three to five minutes. Then he sat back with his head high. I was reminded of the slow motion images that I have seen of a plant opening and unfolding to yield its flower. The Voice moving through Marshall and his body brought these slow moving images back to me…to see him opening physically as the Voice and the Revelation moved through him.

The sound of the Voice continued on and on.

“God has put the Temple inside you, you see…

“The moment you are ready and make your appeal, Heaven will respond, and the great Rays will shine upon you, maybe not in the moment but as a consequence, because you have turned a corner, you see, a place where you cannot turn back to your old life…

“Be the worthy recipient of what Heaven would bestow….

“But you must carry holiness within you. That is why The Temple is there. You must take holiness where it does not exist.”

Marshall sat forward with his head bowed and with his hands against his chest for some time, while the revelation continued.

“This is a place of great mystery. A place you cannot understand. A place you cannot even talk about. It is so confounding and mysterious. A place you should never talk about with others, but must be held in great silence and secrecy within you, only to be shared with someone who was sharing your greater journey in life, your most trusted and beloved companion.”

Then the Voice concluded,

“Prepare then for The Temple. It is awaiting you. It is buried in you. Knowledge carries it for you… Heaven is awaiting your approach to The Temple.”

Marshall was silent for some time after the revelation ceased. He sat with his head bowed for at least 5 minutes.  Eventually he looked up at me, and asked, “Did you hear it?” Then he said, “It felt good. It was easy for me.” He slipped back into a subdued state with his head bowed for some time.  He uttered, “There is the most wonderful silence afterwards.”

Marshall took some time to lay down to recover from his experience of revelation. After resting I asked him to record for us his thoughts and impressions. This is what he said.

“The preparation for this message began for me very early in the morning. I awoke at 5:30 AM feeling rather ill and unable to go back to sleep. And all morning I tried to do other things, but I just found myself increasingly incompetent and that told me I was being drawn to the Engagement. I felt irritable and cranky, doing other things and that too told me that I was being drawn to the Engagement.

“And once I accepted the fact that on this, supposedly my day off, I would have to receive a revelation. Once I accepted that, then my discomfort began to wane. I began to feel clear again. My frustration left me. My irritability left me. I stopped trying to do other things, make other plans. It is after all, Christmas Eve.

“Once I let go of these things, I began to feel good. I began to accept my experience. I began to prepare. And once I was prepared, the revelation flowed. I knew it was going to be about The Temple because the word “temple” kept coming into my mind for about an hour before I began, “The Temple. The Temple.” So I felt pretty assured that it was going to be about The Temple. And it is about The Temple.

“And now having finished just moments ago, I am enjoying the amazing quiet in my mind. Once the cloud of Heaven ascends, there is this wonderful vacant, quiet experience. It is really marvelous. It is like a deep silence that is pervasive. And you just want to be with it. The mind is still. It is just observing. Not thinking. No evaluation. No planning. No remembering. No past. No future.

“This is the afterglow of Revelation that I speak of. An afterglow that some of you may experience and will likely experience in learning and living God’s new revelation for the world. For the afterglow of God’s new revelation for the world is there for the whole world to experience. But you must experience it to have this remarkable sense of peace and inclusion.”

Nasi Novare Coram,

Patricia Summers

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  1. Reagan Simiyu Posted on May 29, 2016 at 5:43 am

    Greetings all,

    So much happy that I found this revelation of the Temple yesterday. I had resolved few days ago to pursue holiness and knowledge. The revelation is so enlightening.

    Nasi Novarie Corum.

    Peace unto all.

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