The Messenger carries the Message like a Fire

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The Messenger is in the world. He has been prepared for so very long. It has taken a great deal of time to receive a Revelation more expansive and inclusive than anything that has ever been given to this world—given now plainly and clearly, in a world of global communications and global commerce, no longer clothed in anecdotes or pastoral themes or poetic images, but spoken clearly with much repetition so that it can be heard over time.

Given now using the technology of this era, which was never available before; given now to speak to the whole world at once, not just one tribe or group or region—a Message so great because it represents the God of the universe and what God is doing in the entire universe, which has never been revealed before, for humanity was not educated or developed enough to consider such great things, save but a few individuals.

The Messenger carries this like a fire. It has been presented so purely that you can hear the Voice of Revelation, which was never possible before for obvious reasons. Pure, uncorrupted, undefiled, unwedded to other ideas, beliefs or traditions, it is pure.

The above passage is from “The Journey of the Messenger.” The full Teaching is available to all registered Free School Students. Sign up here to engage in a study unlike any other available in our world today.

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