A Messenger Brings an Entire New Reality

A Messenger Brings an Entire New Reality

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Into a world of Separation, one representing a greater union will be misconstrued and misperceived. It cannot be avoided.

The Angelic Host, the Angelic Assembly, selects the Messenger for every particular world where a Messenger is required. And a Messenger is only selected at times of great change, difficulty and opportunity for a race for a given world.

Such great turning points only come very infrequently. Despite the great events that are occurring in your world at any given time, Messengers will only come very infrequently.

In the interim, there will be prophets—giving warnings, setting standards for behavior. There will be visionaries. There will be reformers. There will be advocates. But the Messenger brings a whole new reality.

This individual is not simply one who gives warning to the great hazards of the future or the present day or provides higher standards or a greater vision of peace, cooperation and equanimity amongst the human family, for there are many who can do this.

But only a Messenger from God can bring an entire new reality and change over time the awareness and the consciousness of large numbers of people, even affecting the attitudes of the entire human race.

Passage from “The Origin of the Messenger”. Begin your preparation and education of “The Message and the Messenger” by joining the Free School today. 

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