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:Chapter 5: Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family
:Chapter 5: Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family
:Chapter 6: Your Relationship with Knowledge
:Chapter 6: Your Relationship with Knowledge
:Chapter 7: Your Relationship with the Unknown
:Chapter 7: [https://www.newmessage.org/the-message/volume-2/relationships-higher-purpose/relationship-god-unknown Your Relationship with the Unknown]
:Chapter 8: [https://www.newmessage.org/the-message/volume-2/relationships-higher-purpose/problem-evil The Problem of Evil and the Forces of Dissonance]
:Chapter 8: [https://www.newmessage.org/the-message/volume-2/relationships-higher-purpose/problem-evil The Problem of Evil and the Forces of Dissonance]
:Chapter 9: Stages of Development
:Chapter 9: Stages of Development

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"The New Message from God will be structured in the following way: Volume > Book > Chapter > Verse."[1]

Find the most current access to all available teachings at newmessage.org/the-message.

Volume One

Volume One, Book One: God Has Spoken Again

Chapter 1: The Proclamation
Chapter 2: The Recitation
Chapter 3: The Engagement
Chapter 4: God Has Spoken Again
Chapter 5: The Seal of the Prophets
Chapter 6: The Mission of the Messenger
Chapter 7: The Initiation
Chapter 8: The Blessing
Chapter 9: Living at a Time of Revelation
Chapter 10: The Assembly
Chapter 11: God’s New Message for the World
Chapter 12: God Is Moving Humanity in a New Direction
Chapter 13: The World Must Receive God’s New Message
Chapter 14: The Calling

Volume One, Book Two: The One God

Comprehending God
The New God
the Origin
The Separation
What is Creation
The Soul
What Creates Evil
The Redemption
God, Knowledge and the Angelic Presence
How God Speaks to the World
God's Plan Is to Save Everyone
The Heart of God

Volume One, Book Three: The New Messenger

The Will of Heaven
The Origin of the Messenger
The Lineage of the Messenger
The Story of the Messenger
The Requirements of the Messenger
The Veil of Messenger
Understanding the New Messenger
Facing the Light of Revelation
The Journey of The Messenger
The Prophet
The Consequence of Revelation
The Messenger's Calling
Walking with the Messenger

Volume One, Book Four: The Greater Community

Humanity's Emergence into the Greater Community
Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe
Facing the Greater Community
Entering the Greater Community
Who Are the Allies of Humanity?
The Enemies of Humanity
Humanity's Destiny in the Greater Community
Preparing for the Greater Community
Protecting The World
The Importance of the Greater Community
The New Revelation

Volume One, Book Five: The Power of Knowledge

The Power of Knowledge
The Crisis
The Presence
The Reconciliation
The Greater Intelligence
Following the Presence
The Spiritual Fire
The Return

Volume One, Book Six: The Journey to a New Life

Chapter 1: The Awakening
Chapter 2: The Freedom Journey
Chapter 3: The Prison
Chapter 4: The Revolution
Chapter 5: The Turning Point
Chapter 6: The Gift of a New Life
Chapter 7: The Journey to a New Life
Chapter 8: Your Purpose and Destiny
Chapter 9: Building the Bridge to a New Life
Chapter 10 Courage and the Will to Prepare
Chapter 11: Building Strength and Resilience
Chapter 12: Preparing for a Greater Role in the World
Chapter 13: The Great Truth
Chapter 14: You Are Here for a Greater Purpose

Volume One, Book Seven: The New World

Entering the New World
The Great Warning
The Global Emergency
The Race to Save Human Civilization
The Fate of Nations
The Shock of the Future

Volume One, Book Eight: The Pure Religion

Heaven and Hell
The Pure Religion
The Great Faith
God’s Ancient Covenant with Humanity
God's New Message for the World's Religions
Religious Fundamentalism
Religious Violence

Volume Two

Volume Two, Book One: Greater Community Spirituality

Chapter 1: What Is God?
Chapter 2: What Is the World?
Chapter 3: What Is Life Force?
Chapter 4: What Is Knowledge?
Chapter 5: What Is Human Purpose?
Chapter 6: What Is the Greater Community?
Chapter 7: How Is Wisdom Achieved in Life?
Chapter 8: Who Is Wisdom Meant For?
Chapter 9: How Does God Participate in the World?
Chapter 10: How Do You Prepare?
Chapter 11: What Is Your Preparation For?
Chapter 12: Whom Will You Meet?
Chapter 13: What Must Be Unlearned?
Chapter 14: What Must Be Avoided?
Chapter 15: Who Serves Humanity?
Chapter 16: Who Are the Unseen Ones?
Chapter 17: How Does Revelation Occur in Human Life?
Chapter 18: What Is Human Destiny?
Chapter 19: What Is Religion?
Chapter 20: What Is Religious Education and Who Is It for?
Chapter 21: What Is The Greater Community Way of Knowledge?
Chapter 22: Where Can Knowledge Be Found?
Chapter 23: How is Knowledge translated in the Greater Community?
Chapter 24: What is Steps to Knowledge?
Chapter 25: What is Grace?
Chapter 26: Who is Jesus?
Chapter 27: What is the evolution of religion in the world

Volume Two, Book Two: Relationships and Higher Purpose

Chapter 1: Your Most Primary Relationship
Chapter 2: Your Relationship with Yourself
Chapter 3: Your Relationship with Others
Chapter 4: Your Relationship with the World
Chapter 5: Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family
Chapter 6: Your Relationship with Knowledge
Chapter 7: Your Relationship with the Unknown
Chapter 8: The Problem of Evil and the Forces of Dissonance
Chapter 9: Stages of Development
Chapter 10: Marriage
Chapter 11: Your Purpose and Spiritual
Chapter 12: Establishing Relationships
Chapter 13: Maintaining Relationships
Chapter 14: Completing Relationships
Chapter 15: Conclusion

Volume Three

Volume Three, Book One: Steps to Knowledge

Volume Three, Book Two: Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training

Volume Three, Book Three: Living The Way of Knowledge

Chapter 1: Living in an Emerging World
Chapter 2: The Four Pillars of Life
Chapter 3: The Pillar of Relationships
Chapter 4: The Pillar of Health
Chapter 5: The Pillar of Work
Chapter 6: The Pillar of Spiritual Development
Chapter 7: Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family
Chapter 8: Building Spiritual Community
Chapter 9: Sharing the Way of Knowledge with Others
Chapter 10: Being Present in the World
Chapter 11: Preparing for the Future

Volume Four

Volume Four, Book One: The Great Waves of Change

Chapter 1: The Great Waves of Change
Chapter 2: The Great Waves and Your Life
Chapter 3: Escaping the Past
Chapter 4: The Freedom to move with Knowledge
Chapter 5: The Deep Evaluation
Chapter 6: Relationship and The Great Waves
Chapter 7: Preparing Your Family
Chapter 8: The Danger of Isolation
Chapter 9: The Great Waves Prophecy
Chapter 10: The Reality of Hidden Contact
Chapter 11: Where Will You Place Your Faith
Chapter 12: Your Purpose and Destiny in a Changing World
Chapter 13: A New Message of Hope
Chapter 14: Seeing, Knowing, Taking Action
Recommendations for Living in a Great Wave World.

Volume Four, Book Two: Life in The Universe

Chapter 1: Facing a Greater Community of Life
Chapter 2: A Brief History of Visitation to Earth
Chapter 3: The Limits of Space Travel
Chapter 4: Trade and Commerce in this Region of Space
Chapter 5: Technology and the Different Paths to Stability
Chapter 6: Families and Genetic Manipulation
Chapter 7: Competition, Influence and the Mental Environment
Chapter 8: Freedom in the Greater Community
Chapter 9: Religion in the Greater Community
Chapter 10: The Power of Knowledge
Chapter 11: Unseen Forces in the Universe
Chapter 12: Creation and Destiny
Chapter 13: God of the Greater Community
Chapter 14: Your Relationship with the Greater Community

Volume Five

Volume Five, Book One: Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume I

Chapter 1: The Greater Religion
Chapter 2: Relationships & Sexuality
Chapter 3: Greater Community
Chapter 4: Trust
Chapter 5: Marriage
Chapter 6: Health
Chapter 7: Freedom
Chapter 8: Preparing for the Future
Chapter 9: Spiritual Truths
Chapter 10: Service in the World
Chapter 11: Power & Responsibility
Chapter 12: Love
Chapter 13: Spiritual Community
Chapter 14: World Evolution
Chapter 15: Giving I
Chapter 16: Giving II
Chapter 17: Mastery
Chapter 18: Higher Education
Chapter 19: Fulfillment
Chapter 20: Inner Listening
Chapter 21: Enduring Happiness
Chapter 22: Escaping Suffering
Chapter 23: Forgiveness
Chapter 24: Happiness in the World
Chapter 25: Escaping Fear
Chapter 26: Stillness
Chapter 27: Disappointment
Chapter 28: Using Power for Good
Chapter 29: Faith and Fear
Chapter 30: Perception
Chapter 31: Healing
Chapter 32: Achievement and Relationship
Chapter 33: Provoking Change
Chapter 34: Religion as Education
Chapter 35: Achieving Peace

Volume Five, Book Two: Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II

Chapter 1: Ambition
Chapter 2: Possessions
Chapter 3: Pleasure
Chapter 4: Serving Others
Chapter 5: Working with the Mind
Chapter 6: Discernment
Chapter 7: Discretion
Chapter 8: Solving Problems
Chapter 9: Honesty
Chapter 10: Greater Community Visitations
Chapter 11: Spiritual Practice
Chapter 12: Self-Expression & the Mental Environment
Chapter 13: Religion as Mystery
Chapter 14: Intelligence
Chapter 15: Responding to the Greater Community
Chapter 16: Thresholds
Chapter 17: Visitors’ Perception of Humanity
Chapter 18: Compassion
Chapter 19: Courage
Chapter 20: Learning from Others
Chapter 21: Devotion & Commitment
Chapter 22: Money
Chapter 23: Becoming Wise
Chapter 24: Work
Chapter 25: Environments
Chapter 26: Conflict
Chapter 27: Self-Doubt
Chapter 28: Greater Community Realities
Chapter 29: Inspiration
Chapter 30: Kindness
Chapter 31: Concentration
Chapter 32: Pride
Chapter 33: Perseverance
Chapter 34: The Way of Knowledge

Volume Six

Volume Six, Book One: Secrets of Heaven

Other Revelations

Being a Person of the New Message
Building a Bridge to a New Life
Building the Four Pillars of Your Life
Courage and the will to Prepare
Deepening Your Spiritual Practice
Discerning False Messengers
Discernment in Relationships (February 13, 2009) (includes Courtesy)
Guidelines for Preparing for the Greater Community
Joy and Gratitude
Listening for Knowledge
Love and Fear
Love and Relationships
Real Change
Nature and Natural Disasters
New Message on Religion
The Age of Women
The Confirmation
The Freedom Journey
The Great Love
The Great Threshold
The Goal and Purpose of the Revelation
The Meaning of Christmas
The Message and the Messenger
The New Message for the Impoverished and Oppressed
The Night Meditation
The Power of Knowledge
The World Wide Community of God's New Revelation
Witnessing the Revelation
The Pilgrimage
Being Centered in a Crashing World
What Will Save Humanity
God's Power and Presence in the World
The Voice of the Revelation
Jesus and the New Message from God
Muhammad and the New Message
Buddah and the New Message from God
God's New Message for the Islamic World
The Great Faith
The New Message for Young People


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