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“Life without God is extremely complicated and terribly fearful. It is always beset by anxiety and the threat of annihilation.” [1]

"The fear of death is a very pervasive fear…It is the great price of consciousness. And with the fear of death is the loss of peace and equanimity…This is the great price of being conscious of one’s future…This is the burden of the awareness of life and death. It is the price one pays for having a greater consciousness in a world of change. It is the difficulty an eternal being must face in living in a temporary reality."

Fear of Death and the Return to Life, January 21, 2008

"You have come into the world to fulfill a purpose. It is that purpose that redeems you. It is that service that restores to you the memory and the sense of your Ancient Home. It is this purpose and this awareness that dispels and weakens the weight of the world on you. Then, if you are a success, death is looked at very differently. It is still an anxiety-provoking event, certainly. 'Oh, my God, what will happen? Oh, my God, I’m not going to be here any more. Oh, my God, what will remain? What will happen? What will be next?' But in your heart there is a sense of completion and relief. 'It is ok. I’m ready to move on. I have done what I came here to do to the best of my ability. I’m not sure what I did, but I did something and it feels right and I think I’m ready to go on to the next thing.' It’s a natural progression, you see."

Fear of Death and the Return to Life, January 21, 2008

"You should know that no one is ever condemned to death in the name of religion. God has never given prescriptions for this, in any form, in any tradition. If you see this written in religious texts, it is because it has been added by people. It has been invented. It is a human invention. God never prescribes death as a punishment under any circumstances. So if it is prescribed, it is done not with God’s blessing. Whatever justification is given for capital punishment, it is given by people and not by God. That must be clearly understood, and the fact that it is not clearly understood gives rise to much confusion and much misinterpretation of what religion is and what it is for and what it is here to promote… To claim death or physical abuse or punishment in the name of God is an abomination. It is a violation. It is a misunderstanding and misuse of religion. And there are no exceptions to this. No matter how grievous a person’s errors, no matter how difference a person’s view might be, capital punishment and physical abuse are never allowed in the name of God. It is untrue fundamentally. It is inherently wrong. It is an abomination."

The Admonition, February 1, 2008

"You have come from death to here. Death is both the beginning and an ending, but it is only a stage of your great existence and your great service to life."

What happens after death? July 11, 2008

“When you leave this life, when your body passes away, it is not like you disappear and go somewhere else. You just awaken to what has always been there. There are those who sent you into the world, waiting to greet you. And there is the Presence, the magnificent Presence. You did not journey from one place to another to experience this. It was always there.”

"The Presence," December 7, 2009

“Thus it is when you are complete in this life, you will leave, but you will not leave alone, for in your heart you will embrace the memory, the presence and the reality of all those whom you have touched and who have touched you, and there will not be any spot or residue, not even any hint of unforgiveness that will remain behind you to spoil your gift and your giving.”

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  1. Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume I, Chapter 23

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