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"At some point, through disappointment or disillusionment or some kind of meaningful encounter with another, the memory that you have a deeper mission in life is stimulated in some way and you begin to gravitate towards it." [1]


"You are not elevated beyond physical life but are brought into the world with a greater purpose and mission. This purpose and mission remain mysterious. You cannot define them although you can give definition to their expression."[2]

At a critical point in human history

"At a greater level, beyond your thoughts and beliefs, is the truth that you have come into the world for a mission, that you are here for a purpose and that God has sent you into the world to serve the world, under the very circumstances that are approaching you now."[3]

"The world is like a slowly burning ship at this time. People want to get off the ship, but you are sent here to help the ship. If you go back prematurely to your Spiritual Family, and they say, 'What are you doing here?' And you say, 'Oh, I am so glad to get out of there! It was terrible down there!' And they say, 'What? You aren’t due back for twenty years! Did you give them the messages?' And you say, 'What messages?' Then you remember. Then you remember all about getting ready to go into the world. Then you remember the whole thing, and you say, 'Oh, no! I completely forgot!' [4]

Fulfilling your mission

On a mission.jpg

"You must now see your life in a greater way. You must see yourself not just as a person struggling to be happy and to get along, but as a person who was sent here on a mission—a mission which is yet to be realized, a mission of great importance both for the present and for the future, a mission that restores your greater power and your greater relationships to you." [5]

"When you leave the world, you go home to your Spiritual Family. You go home to inherent reality, with either your mission completed or your mission left undone." [6]


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