Mandates for the World

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"The wealthy will have to take care of people."

  • The Engine of War, 4/17/08

"Nations must take care of their people instead of trying to assert themselves over other nations."

  • The Engine of War, 4/17/08

"Now you must prove that you are good stewards of the world. Now you must unite for the survival of humanity and for the well-being of humanity. Now your nations must cooperate to make sure that everyone has the basic provisions. Now the wealthy must realize their responsibility to take care of other people."

  • The Engine of War, 4/17/08

"It is your responsibility to learn of the natural world and to use it effectively, in a manner that can be sustained."

  • Nature & Natural Disasters (September 8, 2008)

"If humanity were intelligent, you would be rationing fuel today and not waiting for when rationing will be forced upon you."