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[[File:lighthouse.jpg|left|450px|The Watchtower]]
[[File:lighthouse.jpg|left|450px|The Watchtower]]
==The Need for Knowledge Quotes==
==The Need for Knowledge==
"Everything that happens, even the most grievous events, are a demonstration of the great need for Knowledge—in your life and in the world as a whole."<ref name="trust">Trusting God (May 7, 2013)</ref>
"Everything that happens, even the most grievous events, are a demonstration of the great need for Knowledge—in your life and in the world as a whole."<ref name="trust">Trusting God (May 7, 2013)</ref>

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"Knowledge within you, the individual, is here on a mission." [1]

The Deeper Wisdom

"In reality you are Knowledge." [2]

"Knowledge is who you really are." [3]


Knowledge is the deeper mind within each individual.

Knowledge is your connection to the divine.

Knowledge is God's Gift to all intelligent life.

Knowledge seldom arises under normal circumstances in a preoccupied mind.

Knowledge is God in the individual. God is Knowledge in the Universe.

Knowledge is the sum of all relationships.

Knowledge is deeper than any of the following, but manifests itself as:

What is Knowledge?

"Let us say that Knowledge is not the things that are usually associated with it. It is not ideas. It is not a body of information. It is not a system of belief. It is not a process of self-evaluation. It is the great mystery of your life. Its outward manifestations are profound intuition, great insight, inexplicable knowing, wise perception in the present and in the future and wise understanding of the past. But despite these great achievements of mind, Knowledge is greater than this. It is your True Self, a Self that is not apart from life." [4]

"Knowledge is that part of God that works within the individual, initiating great relationships between individuals and setting into motion activities that contribute to the well-being of the race to which those individuals belong. Beyond this, Knowledge contributes to the well-being of all races." [5]

"Knowledge represents your True Self, your True Mind and your true relationships in the universe. It also possesses your greater calling in the world and a perfect utilization of your nature, all of your inherent abilities and skills, even your limitations—all to be given for good in the world." [6]

"God has given humanity a deeper Knowledge that resides within each person, a deeper intelligence beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect—an intelligence that cannot be corrupted, persuaded or adulterated in any way. It is this power of Knowledge that represents your core strength and the source of your integrity and your ability to see beyond deception in any form." [7]

"At the very surface of Knowledge is the experience of profound intuition, the experience of profound insight and knowing.... Beyond the surface is the total experience of life in this world and beyond this world for you to have while you are still here. That is what reassociates you with life beyond and enables you to fully be a contributor while you are in the world. In all practical aspects, this is complete fulfillment while you are here." [8]

"The compelling force of Knowledge is so strong that it overrides anything that the world can set in its way. This level of commitment is the greatest demonstration of God. It is powerful, unending and compassionate. It has vitality. It is driven from something beyond this world. It is an uncommon, relentless force. It does not care about costs and obstacles; it cares about practical functioning. People with Knowledge will be uncommon and potent. They will not be alone, unless by choice." [9]

Relationship with Knowledge

"The presence of the Holy Spirit is a relationship. It is a challenge. It is Knowledge." [10]

"Knowledge is your primary relationship because it is your connection to God." [11]

"This Knowledge is a greater intelligence within each person waiting to be discovered, but its whole existence is in relationship to the Creator of all life. It is not a resource that you can use to enrich yourself or to gain advantage over others, for Knowledge will not do these things. Its purpose and its reality is to respond to the Creator of all life and to respond to the great calling that is going out as humanity continues to approach this great threshold in its existence." [12]

"Before you can experience your total union and identification with Knowledge, it will seem to be a distant force within your life, a force that arises and emerges only at certain times--times of great need and discord and times when you sincerely request its presence and guidance. You have a relationship with Knowledge now. You are not fully joined with Knowledge, so you have a relationship. A relationship is preliminary to total union." [3]

The Way of Knowledge

The Deeper Mind

"There is a greater mind within you, a greater mind that the Creator of all life has placed within you, to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to your greater accomplishments in life. This deeper mind is profoundly different from the mind that you think with." [13]

The Inner Voice

"This is how God speaks to you. And you may not hear this as a voice. It may be a feeling, an image, a sound, a voice. People experience the power and presence of Knowledge differently, according to their individual orientation." [13]

How to Find Knowledge

"Find where your attention is. Bring yourself back to Knowledge." [14]

"Become a student of Knowledge. Learn The Way of Knowledge. Take the steps to Knowledge. Let Knowledge rearrange your priorities. Let Knowledge straighten your life out. Let Knowledge guide, direct and protect you. Let Knowledge foster a greater intelligence within you. Let Knowledge direct you in your relationships and in your evaluations. Become still like Knowledge. Become penetrating like Knowledge. Become insightful like Knowledge. Become devoted to others like Knowledge. Find your true allies. Find your purpose. Allow your true work in the world to emerge as other things are set aside—willingly, happily and with relief." [15]

"Gain your foundation in Knowledge. Take the steps to Knowledge. Learn the Way of Knowledge. Learn to receive Knowledge, to interpret Knowledge and to apply Knowledge, and you will become ever more free of your mind and more objective about it." [3]

Prerequisites to Knowledge

"Knowledge is trying to take you somewhere. You must be free to go there. Knowledge is trying to engage you with certain people at certain points in your life. You must be free to engage with them." [16]

"Knowledge will not speak to you if you are not ready to take action. You will just hear what you want to hear, and nothing important will have happened. But if you are ready to take action, if you are sincere, if you are capable, if you are open to this, Knowledge will speak to you--in a word, in a feeling, in a message from another person, in an insight, in a thought, in a dream, in a vision. In whatever avenue Knowledge can reach you at this point in your life, it will reach you." [17]

Knowledge in these exigent times

"God has sent you into the world to be in the world at this time, facing these circumstances. But what God has placed within you to prepare you, to equip you and to strengthen you for the difficult times ahead is something that resides beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect, in a deeper intelligence called Knowledge. At the surface of the mind, you are swept by the winds of the world. You are chaotic. Your life does not seem to have a true direction. You are influenced by so many things from the outside. Your life can feel chaotic, confused, disorganized, disintegrated, disregulated—however you may choose to describe it. But at a deeper level beneath the surface of the mind, there is a greater intelligence within you. This intelligence is here to guide you, to protect you and to prepare you to live a greater life in service to living in a new world." [18]

"It is a dangerous time, but for you, it is the right time to be in the world, for this is why you have come—not to hide out in fantasy, not to enrich yourself, not to pretend to be something you are not, not to live a life of avoidance and irresponsibility, but to be in the world to be of service to the world at this time, not only to meet the current needs of life, but to prepare for the future itself.

Only Knowledge within you, the greater intelligence, knows of these things, and it must guide you in these matters. You must learn to yield to it and distinguish it from all the other voices in your mind and all the influences that pull upon you from the world around you." [19]

Obstacles to Knowledge


"You cannot hear Knowledge if your mind is preoccupied." [20]

"People believe many things, but they know very little. They are living at the surface of the mind, which is turbulent and chaotic and governed by the winds and the passions of the world." [21]

What Knowledge does

"The separated are redeemed through Knowledge. The wicked are reclaimed through Knowledge. The foolish are made wise through Knowledge. This is how God redeems not only the human family, but all of Creation that is living in Separation, which is represented by the physical universe that you can only imagine." [22]

"Knowledge will lead you to the right people and will develop slowly and carefully the right understanding if you are patient, persistent and honest in your approach." [23]

"[Knowledge] knows what is essential, and it is not fooled or manipulated by anything else." [23]

"If Knowledge cannot be brought into your relationships and into your decisions regarding relationships, then Knowledge remains only a potential within you." [24]

"If you choose without Knowledge, Knowledge will not follow you. You may believe fervently that you are doing the right thing. You may even believe fervently that you are making the right decision. But if Knowledge does not go with you, you have no stability and no certainty in your endeavor." [24]

"All of the forces that are driving humanity to its own demise are counteracted by the presence and the power of Knowledge." [25]

"Knowledge will stimulate human innovation, human invention, human collaboration and human unity. It will inspire new technology. It will inspire greater creativity. It will inspire greater cooperation. All the things that human leadership and citizens everywhere will have to establish and adapt to that are truly beneficial will be inspired by Knowledge. This is why what is invisible and mysterious within you has the greatest power to effect change in human awareness and behavior." [26]

"Knowledge activates all mental and physical abilities for good. It directs all manner of individual pursuits that are for the benefit of humanity. In the arts, in the sciences, in all endeavors, in the simplest gesture and the greatest act, Knowledge demonstrates a greater life and strengthens all of the highest qualities in individuals who are engaged with it." [27]

Finding Knowledge

"Become dedicated to finding Knowledge and you will find Knowledge. And you will find those relationships that are based upon Knowledge. And those relationships will empower you and enable you to develop the other three pillars of your life. [24]

"Knowledge is regained by dedicating yourself to those individuals who represent your true allies in The Way of Knowledge. It is given through dedication and devotion." [28]

"If a person discovers Knowledge and makes advancements in the reclamation of Knowledge, he or she will affect minds in many places simultaneously.... If this is done, people will function better, be more harmonious and less prone to conflict and be able to recognize opportunities as they arise with far greater ease. Everyone will be stimulated. Everyone will be encouraged to carry on what they were sent here to do." [29]

Where Knowledge resides

"God has put Knowledge within you to guide you and to protect you and to lead you to a greater life and participation in the world. It resides beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect. It is happening at a deeper level." [30]

"God has given you Knowledge to guide you and to prepare you, but Knowledge functions beneath the surface of the mind where people live. It is a greater intelligence. It is discerning the movement of the world, and it is responding to the Creator. God’s New Revelation will speak to this part of you more than to your intellect, for this is the part of you that has never left God. Therefore, it is the part of you that can truly respond. It is the part of you that is wise and unconflicted. It is not afraid of the world, for it cannot be destroyed." [31]

"The Creator of all life has given you a great intelligence, the power and the presence of Knowledge within yourself - a mind beneath the mind that you think with, a mind that is wise and powerful, a mind that is not corrupted by the world. This mind is here to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to your greater accomplishments and relationships in life." [32]

Inner Guidance Quotes

main article inner guidance

"Knowledge is all about orienting you in the right direction. Knowledge is here to keep you on track." [33]

"Knowledge is a taskmaster. It is committed. It is determined. It is not like your personal mind, which is all over the place."[34]

The pre-eminence of Knowledge

"For there is only Knowledge and the need for Knowledge. That is all that you can possibly perceive in the universe." [35]

"Your first commitment and engagement is to Knowledge because that is your commitment and engagement with God. If your engagement is authentic and not filled with your own ambitions and ideas, then you will have a foundation that will enable you to be a source of strength, purpose and reassurance for others. The need for reassurance at this moment is tremendous and is growing with each passing day." [31]

The Freedom of Knowledge

"With Knowledge you are free in the world. You are free to join. You are free to leave. You are free to make agreements. You are free to complete and change agreements. You are free to surrender yourself. You are free to extricate yourself. In Knowledge you are free." [36]

The Reality of Knowledge

"When what you know and what you want are different, this proves the reality of Knowledge to you. Then you will see that Knowledge is not simply a figment of your own will or insecurity and that Knowledge has a reality and an intelligence all its own, a reality and an intelligence that cannot be swayed by your impulses, your fears, your desires or anything in the world." [28]

The Unity of Knowledge

"The power of unity in Knowledge is very significant. Knowledge does not condone war or conflict, unethical competition or deception or manipulation. It is entirely just. It is entirely uniform. So much so that individuals from opposite ends of the entire galaxy could recognize and communicate to each other through Knowledge, should they ever have the opportunity to meet." [37]

"Knowledge in the Greater Community is Greater Community Knowledge. The ability to receive Knowledge, to accept it and to apply it represents Wisdom, not only worldly Wisdom, but Wisdom in the Greater Community." [38]

The Watchtower

The Need for Knowledge

"Everything that happens, even the most grievous events, are a demonstration of the great need for Knowledge—in your life and in the world as a whole."[39]

"Without Knowledge, this is where you will go. You will become ever more isolated in your mind, ever more associated with your ideas and beliefs, ever more dishonest with yourself, ever more a partisan and a combatant in a world of partisans and combatants. You will take positions. You will take sides. You will have grievances. You will complain constantly. You will be unhappy and miserable, because fundamentally you are a stranger to yourself and you do not know where your life is going. And somehow you have given your life away along the line. You have given your life away through your associations, your beliefs, your ideology, and your commitments to yourself and to others. Now you are adrift from your true purpose and direction. And under these circumstances life can only truly disappoint you, or try to arrest your drifting mind—usually through illness or loss, or some other kind of great sobering experience that leads you to question what you are doing, to question your values, your ideas, and your priorities." [40]

"There is a way to Knowledge. The way will save you time because you need to save time now. You are needed in the world, and your preparation must become accelerated. You do not now have the luxury of endless exploration and diversion, for the world needs you. It is emerging into the Greater Community. This is not a time to fiddle with your mind or your emotions or play around with different therapies or modalities because The Way of Knowledge is being offered to you. You are needed in the world. It is time to prepare. It is time to become focused and determined. There is no escape from this, for only those who are developed in The Way of Knowledge will have capability in the future and will be able to maintain their freedom in a Mental Environment that will be increasingly influenced by the Greater Community." [41]

"If you are alone now, it is a valuable time to build your connection to Knowledge. Knowledge represents your most profound and important relationship. If this is not established, if this is not fully established, then your relationship with everyone else will be out of sync—lacking clarity and purpose, lacking meaning—and your life will be filled with people, engagements, activities and commitments that will never create a real opening for you." [42]

The Power of Knowledge

"Knowledge represents the power to see, to know and to act with certainty. It also represents the power to resist persuasion, deception and influence in the mental environment. The individual or the nation that has this strength has the power to resist intervention and to comprehend the intentions and the activities of other nations who might be threatening to its freedom or existence. It is the ultimate form of intelligence, you see, and seers who are guided by Knowledge are more powerful than seers who are not. Here you are able to discern the future and future events before they happen, with varying degrees of accuracy. Here you are able to discern the intentions of others and the capabilities of others without the use of technology. Here you can pretend to be weak when in fact you are really strong. Here you can appear to be non-aggressive when in fact you can be incisive in your inquiries." [43]

"The New Message calls upon the greater power of Knowledge within the individual to arise—a power beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect, a power that is incomprehensible and yet immediately part of your experience. For some, this will be very difficult to deal with. They look at everything in the world like it is a resource for their mind. But Knowledge is too great to be a resource for your mind. People who claim to be following Knowledge will be following their ideas. People who claim to be guided by Knowledge will be guided by their social conditioning or by their ambitions. And so for certain people this will be very difficult to comprehend. It is because of how they look at themselves and the world that this is the case. Not everyone will be able to apprehend the great truth at this time. But if enough people can, it gives great promise to the future, the safety and the freedom of humanity." [44]

Metaphors for Knowledge

"Without Knowledge, you will only know what others want you to know. You will only think what others want you to think--whether it be your parents, your culture, your social group, your government or the Greater Community. You will basically be like cattle and you will be led around, from pasture to pasture." [45]

"The truth itself is like the universe above the clouds of your mind, forever real, forever true, forever evident. It but awaits your recognition. Such is the great truth that lives within you as a potential, as a seed. Let us call this the seed of Knowledge.... It is within you now, though much of its communication goes unheeded. Its reality is within you now even though you rarely experience it. This is the great gift. This is the real endowment." [46]

"God has sent you into a difficult situation and has placed Knowledge within you to enable you to serve that situation and to give you a way back. It is like entering a deep cave where the light of day is completely left behind, and you are in this labyrinth somewhere, and you are sent down there to help others who are lost in the labyrinth and you yourself seem to be lost in the labyrinth except that God has placed a little rope attached to you—an endless kind of rope that no matter how many turns you take, no matter how deep you get into that labyrinth, no matter how much you forget the light of day, well, there is still a lifeline to you. You may be lost, but you are not lost to God."

"Through all the world religions, God has established pathways to return to Knowledge, but these pathways have become obscured by what religion has become and how religion is used. Only in the New Message, the pathway is reestablished without the weight of history, without the influence of culture, without the intrusion of human psychology. The pathway is clear. There is the pathway leading out of the labyrinth." [47]

Mistakes with Knowledge

"It is truly dangerous when people think they know and they do not know. This leads to many mistakes and many tragedies as well. Do not think you know. You either know or you do not know, and if you know, your Knowledge is pervasive. If what you know is real, others will resonate with Knowledge with you, and you will not have to persuade them." [48]

Opposing Knowledge

"When you go against your Knowledge, you create a fear of the unknown. This builds up over time to create a fear/resistance to the Presence."[49]

Knowledge's Mission

"Knowledge... is here on a mission. Its whole focus is to bring you into contact with this mission, to connect you with those people who will be significant and important within this mission, to bring you to the great need in the world that will call this mission out of you, for you cannot discover it yourself. It must be called out of you." [13]


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