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Long Quotes

"Knowledge will lead you to those individuals who can become the real companions in your life, companions in a greater endeavor in life. These relationships transcend the personal emphasis that people give in their relationships. These are greater relationships where devotion and commitment, deeper understanding and greater validation can be found. You will need these companions because you cannot learn The Greater Community Way of Knowledge alone, for the truth is you are not alone.... Life is bringing you back into relationship with yourself, with others, with the world and with God. How can you advance if you refuse to enter relationship, to share your understanding, to have your errors corrected and to enter into a different and greater venture that far exceeds what you alone can know and understand as an individual?"

"At times you will feel lonely and isolated. However, you will find, even at the outset, that you will have companions. They will share their difficulties with you, and you will share your difficulties with them, for you are both experiencing difficulty being in the world.... This steers you away from people who are not experiencing this and towards those who share your journey. Some of them will only go a short way with you; others will travel with you for a lifetime. You need to be with these people because they will assist and aid you. They will challenge you to go forward. They will help you when you fall back. They, too, are experiencing a great movement in their lives. They, too, are trying to sort things out. They, too, are coming to terms with their own compromises and are realizing their own denial.... These people will help you even if they are only with you temporarily." [1]


  1. Greater Community Spirituality, chaps. 10,14; pp. 115-16, 167