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"It is necessary that when people come into the world, they forget their Ancient Home." [1]

"You are in the world to give because you have an Ancient Home beyond the world." [2]


"Do not confuse the reality of your Ancient Home with the reality of this world." [3]

"For because you have entered separation, you must now serve the separation; you must serve people and life existing in this separated state. This is how you rediscover and reexperience the permanence of your Ancient Home." [4]

"You cannot return to Heaven unwillingly. You cannot return to your Ancient Home ambivalent or with grievances or aggravation or resentment. These things must all be worked out in time." [4]

"You have to work your way back into Heaven, you see. You have to serve the separated world, the separated universe. You have to work your way back, through contribution and through self-development. You cannot return to your Ancient Home as a miserable, conflicted, contentious, grievous person." [5]

This world is not Home

“Your Ancient Home is where you live; the world is where you have come to work. You have come into the world to work. God has sent you and you have sent yourself because there is the perfect Knowledge that you need to be here.”[6]

"The world is a place of doing. Your Ancient Home is a place of being. The world is a place of doing because it is a place of work. Work involves accomplishing tasks. Your Ancient Home is a permanent place; the world is a temporary place. Your Ancient Home is a place of peace; the world is a place of action." [6]

"The memory of your Ancient Home, though seemingly blotted out by your current experience, is there nonetheless. It shines like the sun beyond the clouds. And though you live in a very cloudy world where this sun seems to barely shine through, it is there nonetheless." [7]

Bringing gifts from Home

"You have come from your Ancient Home to a place where you are away from Home in order to establish your Ancient Home here. Is this to mean, then, that you are to establish Heaven on Earth? Only partially. The Earth cannot be Heaven. Yet you can experience Heaven while you are in the world." [6]

"The world cannot provide you happiness, but you can give the world happiness because you have brought happiness with you from your Ancient Home. You must be its first recipient, however." [8]

"The greater purpose that you share with everyone is to keep Knowledge alive in the world and to bring something from your Ancient Home into the world.... The world is a difficult place to come to. It is not a vacation spot. It is not a place where you are sent for punishment. It is not a place where you are sent for pleasure. It is a place that needs your gifts from your Ancient Home, and for this reason you have come." [9]

Returning Home

"God is not going to pull you out of this reality because you are not ready to return to your Ancient Home. You have been far too identified and experienced in separation to be able to return to your Ancient Home with one mind, with resolution, with a sense of completion in being here." [4]

"God has also placed Knowledge within you to teach you how to live in it and to give you the opportunity to re-experience your connection with your Ancient Home, even while you are here, especially while you are here. You can’t return to your Ancient Home if your mind is set in Separation. You do not simply die and go to Heaven. You have to prepare for your Ancient Home, and that provides you a greater purpose for being in this physical reality, with all of its difficulties and challenges." [10]

Calling us to remember our Home

"individuals in the course of your lifetime will come into your proximity and will activate an ancient memory of your Ancient Home and will call forth a power from you that you have hardly ever discerned within yourself." [11]

"None of the Messengers were gods. They were Messengers—half human, half holy—representing both realities, the reality of the world and the reality of the Ancient Home from which you have all come and to which you will all return eventually."[12]

"Only those who know that they have come from their Ancient Home can give." [13]

"God is pulling everyone Home. That is your Knowledge—pulling you Home, reeling you in, drawing you close. Once Knowledge begins to emerge, it will seek to fulfill itself, and the whole basis for unforgiveness will disappear. What the world needs is for individuals to both find and bring their Ancient Home here. That is when the world will cease to be a place of denial." [14]

"The separation is fundamentally a problem in perception and communication and awareness. There have been very few individuals in the history of humanity who have been able to break through the veil that seems to separate this physical, temporary, changing reality from your permanent reality, that represents your Ancient Home, where God is known, where you are known, where there are no questions, for there are no conflicts, where change does not exist for it is not needed." [4]


"In the world you seem to be alone, as does everyone else. It appears that loneliness is your state here, that only if you are fortunate do you find someone to share your life with meaningfully. Certainly this is in contrast to your Ancient Home, where everyone is included and everything is complete." [15]

"So alone, so alone, way down here so far below." [16]


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