May 4, 2014: “Knowledge and Spiritual Practice” – Fireside Broadcast of the Free School – 9:00 AM Mountain Time, USA – Registration Required

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May 4 , 2014 at 9:00 AM Mountain Time: Fireside Broadcast of the Free School.


Join students from around the world for this Free School session’s live broadcast with Patricia Summers and Reed Summers from Boulder, Colorado, USA. Together we will enter into an interactive journey as we study and engage in “Knowledge and Spiritual Practice”.

We welcome you to this two month journey of discovery and self-realization, where you will have the opportunity to learn and experience anew the reality of Knowledge and Spiritual Practice, as revealed through the New Message from God.

During these two months you will be the first recipient of a never-before-heard revelation titled “The Lamp.” With this and other study texts, you will have an opportunity to progress in approaching the light of Knowledge within you, which alone can reveal your higher purpose and greater relationships in life.

To join the Free School session and watch the live broadcast go to the Free School to enroll. Registration is required.

Live on YouTube.

For enrolled students who are visiting or living in Boulder, CO, please join us at The Sanctuary of the New Message.

Go to Time Zone Converter to find your local time of the Broadcast.

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